Tuesday 26 November 2013

CJ E&M Korean scam company filing false copyright claims!!

I recently started making walkthrough on "Beyond: Two Souls" made by Quantic Dreams in assosiation with Sony. I uploaded 7 episodes and then suddenly i started getting copyright claims made by CJ E&M.
It's some korean fucks company, i googled and quickly found a topic on Steam forums, where people got same issues with "Outlast" game. Those claims are 100% false! I don't know how youtube even allows this, they should ban those korean fucks from youtube.

Just to clarify, those are not copyright strikes, those are content match claims, meaning that they're trying to make revenue from adverts, if they get a positive claim, your video is monetized automatically and you don't make any profits from it, instead they do.

On youtube i got those:
Visual content administered by: CJ E&M
audiovisual content administered by: CJ E&M

Here are two screenshots:

Check out the second screenshot, it's 75% BLANK SCREEN!! and those fucks say it is owned by them? cmon ... who idiotic is that? It seems like they have sent out an automatic bot that randomly sends out those claims.

Those korean FUCKS! I'm considering hacking into their website and shutting them down for good, such low shits do not deserve to be on the web.
I think CJ E&M official site is here en.cjenm.com (they don't deserve a full link, just copy paste it. if i post full link with http, it would help their site).
.. but i have no problem posting their contact email, because bots will find it and hopefully spam the shit out of it. so here it is > cjenm@cj.net (i checked, it's fake, this email doesn't even exist, clearly it is some scam company).

I tried calling that fuck-shit company, they're phone number is also fake
82-2-371-5501 < give it a try, see if you get thru. i got some automated message, first time it was some hing jang tsung .. and second time it was jing jang tsung + english repeat saying "this number is not in use" or something like that... those korean FUCKS!

There's surely something strange going on, two of the claims have magically disappeared, even tho i didn't dispute them. That's very, very odd, but i still keep getting them on others.

I also contacted Quantic Dreams (Beyond Two Souls developers and explained what is going on, even tho they do not support gameplay/walkthroughs, they don't give copyright notices either, but i explained that CJ E&M is claiming Beyond Two Souls as theirs).

After 2 days, all CJ E&M claims have disappeared, apparently youtube is aware of this issue, but not sure why they allow this to continue, they should just ban CJ E&M permanently.
So if you're getting harrassed by CJ E&M, wait like 72h before sending a dispute, youtube don't really like you sending disputes, if it won't disappeared after that time, then you should dispute and explain that CJ E&M is sending out false claims.
That's all.

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