Tuesday 3 December 2013

How I met your Mother: The Rehearsal Dinner | Season 9 Episode 12

After a very very bad filler episode last week full of rhymes, this week we return to the awesomeness HIMYM is famous for - Barney Stinson.

In brief, the episode covered The Rehearsal Dinner of Barney and Robin as the title says, had no appearance of the mother and had more focus on Robin. The episode also had Lily telling Robin and Ted that Marshall has taken the job for the Judge and now they cannot go to Italy. The song sung in the episode was better than all the rhymes combined from the previous episode.
Source: CBS

All in all, it was a great episode to be the mid season mark of this final season, hopefully in the next 12 episode we get to see the Mother more than usual because honestly, the show is all about her and everyone would be disappointed if even in the end of the show we don't know much about her.

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