Friday 13 December 2013

Formula 1 / F1 2013 Realistic Damage Mod!

Here's a Realistic/Real Damage mod for F1 2013 PC Game! Something that developers should have done in the first place, however it only works in single player.

This is the kind of carnage you can expect on Level 5 damage, however it is freely editable and you can make it even crazier!

Video Demonstration


Mod is freely available Here

Installation & Usage

1. Go into your F1 2013 folder:
- In steam it is located:
- If non-steam, it is where you installed it.

2. Find loose_parts_settings.xml file (it is in root of /F1 2013/ folder
3. Rename it to something like loose_parts_settings.xml.bak
- if your windows does not show file extensions, it is seen as "loose_parts_settings" so rename to "loose_parts_settings_bak" or whatever you want it to be
4. Extract the mod
5. Find a suitable version to use (level 0 - 5 AI and/or Player) and copy that file into root of /F1 2013/ folder.
6. That's it! you're done, enjoy.

NOTE - You can't play online with this mod! This is why you must make a backup of original file and restore it when you want to play online.

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