Tuesday 26 November 2013

CJ E&M Korean scam company filing false copyright claims!!

I recently started making walkthrough on "Beyond: Two Souls" made by Quantic Dreams in assosiation with Sony. I uploaded 7 episodes and then suddenly i started getting copyright claims made by CJ E&M.
It's some korean fucks company, i googled and quickly found a topic on Steam forums, where people got same issues with "Outlast" game. Those claims are 100% false! I don't know how youtube even allows this, they should ban those korean fucks from youtube.

Just to clarify, those are not copyright strikes, those are content match claims, meaning that they're trying to make revenue from adverts, if they get a positive claim, your video is monetized automatically and you don't make any profits from it, instead they do.

On youtube i got those:
Visual content administered by: CJ E&M
audiovisual content administered by: CJ E&M

Here are two screenshots:

Check out the second screenshot, it's 75% BLANK SCREEN!! and those fucks say it is owned by them? cmon ... who idiotic is that? It seems like they have sent out an automatic bot that randomly sends out those claims.

Those korean FUCKS! I'm considering hacking into their website and shutting them down for good, such low shits do not deserve to be on the web.
I think CJ E&M official site is here en.cjenm.com (they don't deserve a full link, just copy paste it. if i post full link with http, it would help their site).
.. but i have no problem posting their contact email, because bots will find it and hopefully spam the shit out of it. so here it is > cjenm@cj.net (i checked, it's fake, this email doesn't even exist, clearly it is some scam company).

I tried calling that fuck-shit company, they're phone number is also fake
82-2-371-5501 < give it a try, see if you get thru. i got some automated message, first time it was some hing jang tsung .. and second time it was jing jang tsung + english repeat saying "this number is not in use" or something like that... those korean FUCKS!

There's surely something strange going on, two of the claims have magically disappeared, even tho i didn't dispute them. That's very, very odd, but i still keep getting them on others.

I also contacted Quantic Dreams (Beyond Two Souls developers and explained what is going on, even tho they do not support gameplay/walkthroughs, they don't give copyright notices either, but i explained that CJ E&M is claiming Beyond Two Souls as theirs).

After 2 days, all CJ E&M claims have disappeared, apparently youtube is aware of this issue, but not sure why they allow this to continue, they should just ban CJ E&M permanently.
So if you're getting harrassed by CJ E&M, wait like 72h before sending a dispute, youtube don't really like you sending disputes, if it won't disappeared after that time, then you should dispute and explain that CJ E&M is sending out false claims.
That's all.

Games with Best Storylines ever!

Here's my list of games that have really awesome storyline. What i look in the story (in movies and games)? First of, i don't like lame stories where you can predict everything that is going ot happen, so surprise moments are really good to look for. Dramatic and Horrific moments are good to have, to make the story really interesting, but even better are mind games, where someone seems like a friend, but then isn's and then is again, so you have no idea what to expect, so called "twists" make story a lot better and ofcourse the lenght of the story is also important.
Anyway, here are the games with good storylines that i could think of from back of my head, without looking anything up.

Beyond: Two Souls

I find this game's story the best there is, game has cinematic game style, in many places camera has limited movement.
This story has it all, action, drama, surprises, science, mind games and ghosts! It's about a girl called Jodie, who was born with a "gift". She has a second soul, who's always with her as spirit. That spirit is called Aiden.
Game starts off from somewhere near the end, Jodie's mind is a mess and she is trying to piece it back together, so you will be playing thru her memories and discover what happend.
Aiden is very powerful spirit, who is capable of possessing people, moving stuff and can kill others.

Reason why i find it really good storyline, is because at first it doesn't make much sense and nothing's really revealed. Until the end, it is mystery who or what Aiden really is and whe is Aiden tied to Jodie like that, but near the end you find out the dramatic and horrific truth about Aiden.

This game really gets you into the story, when you focus on the game and pay attention to what is going on, you will often feel sad or angry because of the events that happen to the main character Jodie, in some places it just makes you feel angry and you want to destroy it all .. and in some places/episodes you are given a choice, either walk away or take it all out on the ones you hate!

Far Cry 3

First of, i haven't played Far Cry 1, however Far Cry 2 was nothing special, just another "good guy" against terrorism, well against one arms dealer actually, but Far Cry 3 is something else.

You start off by seeing a cutscene of you and your friends doing awesome stunts, parachuting, jetskiing ..etc .. and then the picture goes smaller and smaller .. until you notice it was shown to you on a smartphone .. held by a bad guy called Vaas. Then you find yourself captured in a wooden cell.
So what happend, is that you and your friend's had a party and they landed in wrong place and got cought in middle of nowhere.
You play as Jason, who has no military background or fight experience, your brother however has military background and tries to break out of the terrorist camp .. it all goes wrong, Jason's brother gets shot and dies, terrorist give Jason (player) a small head start, you end up running thru the jungle, fall, knock your head against something and pass out ... that's where the actual game begins, you find yourself in a village, helped by locals, Jason wants to get his other friends and girlfriend back from the terrorists and little revenge wouldn't hurt either.

However this story turns into something a lot cooler than just a "terrorist hunt", on the way, you find yourself exploring ancient caves and collecting artifacts, fighting spirits / dreams and becoming a true warrior.

I like this storyline, because it can sure pull you into the game, there are lot of surprise moments, where something happens that you did not expect at all.
Ending is really cool too, at first your choice seems so easy > save your girlfriend and friends and get the hell out of there! .. however while going thru all that stuff and becoming a warrior, the obvious choice becomes less obvious and you start to doubt ... is that what you really want?

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars

I think this is only strategy (commanding) game with such a good storyline, i'll make it short.
When starting the Campaign / Single Player missions, you can choose between 2 Factions: NOD and GDI.
GDI is the alliance forces, the good guys and NOD is lead by terrorist Kane.
Seems boring and usualy, good vs evil .. but not really. Game recommends you to play as GDI first, to get to know the controls, so this is what i chose (so should you). You will have epic fight against NOD and at "end" you will get access to ION cannon, one of the generals tells you to blow Kane and NOD forces to hell with ION, but others warn that he has liquid tiberium in there and it might cause a chain reaction, im not sure if you can even make the choice, but i chose to blow it up! .. i thought game over, because story was quite long already .. but then .. ALIEN INVASION!!!  that was like the coolest surprise moment ever, i never saw it coming, that was seriously awesome .. and then new battle began, against NOD and Scrin (aliens).

That's why this game is in my list, it has the best surprise moment ever.

The Last of Us

Nothing special really, it's a zombie apocalypse game. Player can't make any choices, you have to just walk thru the story as it goes. You can play as 3 different characters, Sarah, Joel and Ellie.
You start off as Sarah (Joel's daughter) in middle of the night in your house, looking for your dad, you find him rushing in from back door and tells Sarah to stay away from windows, then their neighbour jumps in thru the glass door and Joel shoots him, then Sarah and Joel try to get out of the city .. but just when they are about to make it into the safe zone, they stumble on a soldier who is given an order to SHOOT THEM! .. soldier shoots at Joel and Sarah, he ends up hitting Sarah, then Joel's friend shows up and kills the soldier, but it was already too late ... Sarah died...

That's where the story begins, most of the time you play as Joel, depressed and broken and staying away from his wife, however they get a mission, to "smuggle" Ellie out of the safe zone and deliver her to the group called "Fireflies". at first it seems weird, but soon Joel finds out that Ellie has been infected and she is immune and that she is the answer to the cure and Fireflies could potentially produce a cure if they would be able to study Ellie.
Whole story is quite dramatic and full of surprises, but end is even more dramatic, even tho player can't make the choice, Joel stands in front of two very difficult choices:
- Let fireflies kill Ellie in order to extract cure from her brain
- Or blast his way thru fireflies, kill the leader and take Ellie back

I find this story very well made and thought through nicely.

Mass Effect series (1, 2 and 3)

Whole Mass Effect series is really cool to be honest, player can make lot of decisions and story is quite long. I find that 3rd party has best story. It is too long to explain, because there are so many different alien races and locations and tons of side missions, but it's just really nice story. At end you also have 2 choices, destroy the most feared enemy or join them as their leader, but by doing so, you will lose your "human" form.

Resident Evil 4

You probably ask, what about other Resident Evil games? Well yeah, i guess Code Veronica X has good story and all the earlier RE games too, but past 4th they turn into senseless killing. I personally liked the 4th part the most, where Leon Kennedy (main character) is sent to get president's daughter back from terrorists group, but he finds a lot more than just terrorist there.
Leon has a "big mouth" and he makes some good jokes, making story even better.
I recommend playing all the Resident Evil games in order to understand it all and watch the movies too, they have generally good storylines.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

Old, old game, but it has a damn good storyline, you start off as apprentice in Jedi Academy, you are assigned to same master as your "rival" Rush (or rash or something like that), but Rush is so called "bad" guy who sees challenge in everything and tries to beat you, so by doing that, he slowly turns into the dark side and somewhere in middle you have to fight him, by that time, you (the player) are most likely pissed off on him fucking things up and you feel angry .. so once you defeat him, you are given a choice to either forgive him or cut his head off!
If you take his life, you start to turn into the dark side yourself, i don't remember exactly, but i think you were given more choices, either good or dark side, so game has 2 endings ofcourse. if you decide to turn into dark side yourself, you end up fighting your own master.

Tomb Raider 1 - 5

I've always liked Tomb Raider games ever since i played Tomb Raider 1, it had a nice story. If i would have to pick the best story out of Tomb Raider games, i think it would be either 3rd or 4th.
I think there's no need to explain, that you play as Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider :)

Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft - In this game, you chase down 4 powerful artifacts all over the world, at end you lose them to a "bad" fella who turns himself into some spider freak and you have to fight him.

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - I can't even remember the story so well, but there were some good surprise moments and at end .. Lara dies fighting the war GOD Seth, something you did not expect.

I strongly recommend playing Tomb Raider 1 - 5 .. anything after 5th part is just crap, because Lara died in 4th and 5th part (Chronicles of Lara Croft) is about her friends sitting in her mansion and reminding her adventures, you play thru those adventures. So anything after 5th is just out of story, well actually Tomb Raider 2013 (those idiots couldn't even think of a name for it) is quite ok, it explains the past of Lara Croft, how he became the Tomb Raider and how it all started, so it has ok story, but i prefer the old ones more.

Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3

I don't remember MGS 1 really, but 2nd and 3rd have quite good story, with a twist. It's nothing special, but it's way above average. Nothing special to bring out really, except the little surprise at end of MGS2, where they had no glue who they were fighting against.

I heard that Heavy Rain is also good, but haven't played it. Did i left out your favorite storyline? Leave a comment and tell us what game you think has best storyline and why.

Sunday 24 November 2013

True or False: Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!

Every now and then on either forums or social networking sites you will hear people say this sentence over and over. Is it really true? Or is it just an excuse of people to make themself feel better when they are forced to play at low resolution and low graphics due to some reason or the other?

First lets see who usually says it's true. Most of the times it's people who play on consoles and are arguing with PC gamers who obviously have greater graphics. I'm not saying that PC is the GLORIOUS GAMING MASTER RACE but it is obvious that PC games are far better in terms of quality. Now lets put the graphics aside and talk about gameplay. Even when a console gamer says the sentence "Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!" while comparing a console game to PC game, he does not realize that PC is superior in gameplay as well in most of the cases. On PC, you have better quality, better frame rates(better gameplay experience), choice to play with a wide range of gamepads or just the usual keyboard and mouse.

Now not all the people who say "Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!" are console gamers, you will find many PC gamers saying the same thing as well. I went on FB and picked up a few from comments of gaming page who said it and talked to them for a while and then figured why they say so. There's a few reason to that, one of them being that most of them were just kids or 14-18 year old's who were too lazy to work to get their dream gaming PC and they game on their $200 laptops. From the looks it seems they are just jealous gamers who WANTS to play at all high settings and graphics but refuse to do anything to get a proper gaming setup. Most of these gamers do not even care if they are playing at 10fps (which is totally unplayable), well they do care but they will always act like they don't care. One of the people I talk with said "FPS DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL IF I CAN RUN THE GAME" which is wrong in every aspect since you could be running a game but at the horrible 1-2 frame rate. Another silly thing I heard was "Playing games for graphics is like watching p0rn for the story!". Is it really? Because it's more like "Playing games at bad quality graphics is like watching p0rn where you can barely see anything".

So now can we answer the question if graphics matter or no in gaming? Yes we can and YES they do matter to some point in gaming. Obviously a game needs a good balance of story, sounds, graphics and only good graphics won't make a great game. Same goes for sounds, would you enjoy a game where the sounds so very very low and all sound effects are wrong? Would you enjoy a game more with a story as boring as watching 2 players playing chess and not making any move for hours long? Same way would you enjoy a game more if the graphics are bad or would you enjoy it more if the graphics are better? You know the answer to all of these already.

What about you? Do you think the sentence is true or false? Give your own responses in the comments below, tweet them to me @KenXyro , or send a message to the FB PAGE. I will post back here and respond to the best responses.

Beyond: Two Souls - Mod - Black Bars Remover

Are you annoyed by those black bars in Beyond: Two Souls? Do you wish that those black bars would just go away and you would be able to play the game on a true full screen?
Well now you can! There's a mod that removes those annoying black bars and turns the game into a nice fullscreen experience, no matter where you are, during gameplay and during cutscenes, no more black bars.

Here are 2 screenshots, first from main menu and other from gameplay. By default, black bars exist in both places (black bars are there during entire game by default).

Video Demonstration / Proof

Download / Where to get

I'm not sure if it legal to upload modded game files, so i have not uploaded it onto my site, however if you're interested, leave a comment / reply or join the forum discussion HERE and i can send it to you.
This is no hoax, it's real as you can see, i just don't want to get a illegal content strike on hosting, i'm not even sure it's illegal, but ive heard stories that modded PS3 files are illegal, so better safe than sorry :)

I have tested this on version 1.01 and 1.02, works on both.


Ever since I got this game, i wondered ... why would anyone put those black bars in there in the first place? ok .. maybe to increase performance? no .. that's not it, because image/game is still there, under the black bars..so wtf?

If anyone knows answer to this .. i'd like to know, because i don't understand why would anyone trim the fullscreen and ruin the perfect game with those black bars, i just don't get it ..

Saturday 23 November 2013

Need for Speed - The Movie

Need for Speed the Movie

Need for Speed movie is in production and is scheduled to be shown in cinemas in March 2014! Is this yet another cheap attempt to make famous video game into a movie? or will it be original and awesome?
Does it even have anything to do with NFS game series, is it just a name or is it made after the famous NFS game series, we'll see, i think it is worth keeping eye on the trailers and news, might be a good movie.

IMDB Title - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2369135/

Assassin's Creed now runs at full HD on PS4 [Patch from Ubisoft]

Lets be honest, every game looks pretty damn beautifull at higher res. Even with gamers and people saying things like "there is no difference between 1280x720 and 1920x1080", those who have really played at both resolutions can easily tell that the different is rather HUGE.

Assassin's Creed 4 on PS4 ran at 900p earlier and looked absolutely amazing. With the Ubisoft's newly released patch it now runs at 1080p and looks even more amazing. After comparing the before and after patch quality, you would feel the difference between the two quite easily and 900p would look rather blurry if you look back at it after 1080p.
A video of comparison can be seen below, though remember that youtube is known for it's compression so you might not be able to tell the difference by just the videos:

Even with the increased details, there is no decrease in performance though the game is locked at 30fps so there's not really a way to know what would've happened if the frames were unlocked. 

Seagate: 100TB+ Drives - New Technology

Image Credit: Boians Cho Joo Young @ freedigitalphotos.net

It was revealed in October of 2013 that engineers in Florida broke the 2D limitations of magnetic hard drive storage and have moved to 3D, which would enable them to have 100TB / Terabytes + of storage soon.
In simple language, it's basically a new hard drive platter which would write and read 3D magnetic data.

These 100TB hard drives will be out any time between 2013 - 2015 for normal users to own. Everyone loves a larger space on their hard drives, but then the question arrives for safety and backups. Depending on a single source for 100TB of data might sound crazy in 2013 since most people barely manage 5 TB without some data loss. Imagine the loss when one day you switch your computer on and see your 100 TB drive dead. All this might sound crazy right now but surely this is nothing different from past when 500GB or 1TB drives were introduced, some 10-20 years back, it was a huge amount of storage but now 500GB can be considered a medium or low storage. Most pc users won't want to go below 750GB or 1TB for storage. With that being said, the risks with 100TB would be bare minimum if any, and hopefull users will enjoy their 100TB of storage.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Windows 7 Thumbnails / Image Preview not showing

Windows just keeps on surprising me, out of the blue image previews and thumbnails stopped showing. If i open windows explorer and highlight image, usually on right side it showed a preview of image and if i choose show icons (medium icons, large icons..etc), then only few show up after some time. Most of the time nothing shows up, but most of all, there is no preview on right side, which is quite important to me.

So what the heck?! i googled around and found that you should go into "organize > folder and search options > view" and unthick the "always show icons, never thumbnails"
but here's the thing, mine's already unchecked, i tried enabling it, apply, refresh, then uncheck again, apply and refresh, still nothing.
There are lot of posts about this and it seems like it works for other people.

There's another solution, where people say that you should use cleanmgr.exe and clean up the thumbnails and other junk (type cleanmgr.exe into start > run/search box and hit enter)
This didn't work for me either.
I used CCleaner to clean junk files + registry, still nothing.
Tried deleting thumbnail and icon caches too, but still thumbnails or previews.

Note - i have moved windows /temp/ folder location to another drive, but after that change, images showed fine, it happend out of nowhere, without me making any changes.

Now i'm running other tools (such as glary utilities, registry mechanic ..etc) and see if any of them helps.
If i ever find a solution to this, I'll update this post.

Update / Fix:
Out of the blue, it started working again, even tho it takes ages to show them. Maybe it's because i turned search indexing off and changed /temp/ folder location, now gay7 (win7) is confused and tries to look for some cached shit that doesn't exist. it's always the same shit with microSHITsoft, they keep doing something they think is good for you, i don't want windows to waste and eat my system resources, every time i leave my pc idle, i hear windows spinning up my HDDs for no reason, FUCKING STOP IT !!!! it pisses me off, this is why i turn everything off that is useless, but apparently gay7 doesn't like some of those things.

Anyway, i think it's the search indexing, but im not turning that crap back on, because it keeps spinning up my HDDs when pc is idle, it just keeps "indexing" forever, even if there is no new content, it keeps doing it.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

How to find out what files application accesses / uses

This is how filter area looks like, you can add various filters to track exactly what you are looking for or to eliminate things you do not want to see.

This is a nice trick to find out exactly what files your application/s accesses / uses.
Have you ever had a application that creates some files, you know they exist, but you can't find them? like cache or some system data?
or have you ever had a game and you can't find savegame folder/data for it?

There's a program called "Process Monitor" (ProcMon for short) that can find out each file that has been accessed in your PC, it can also show which registry operations are done by the application/s.


This is how filter area looks like, you can add various filters to track exactly what you are looking for or to eliminate things you do not want to see.
On this screenshot Procmon is set to capture operations made only be nVidia's "ShadowPlay" in order to find out where ShadowPlay stores the temporary recordings that are deleted when game/application is minimized or quited.

Main window of Process Monitor

ProcMon is fairly easy to use, however if you need any help with it, reply to this post and I'll explain how it works.


Process Monitor is freeware and you can google for it or you can download it HERE

Saturday 16 November 2013

NVIDIA Dramatically Simplifies Parallel Programming With CUDA 6

NVIDIA today announced NVIDIA CUDA 6, the latest version of the world's most pervasive parallel computing platform and programming model.

The CUDA 6 platform makes parallel programming easier than ever, enabling software developers to dramatically decrease the time and effort required to accelerate their scientific, engineering, enterprise and other applications with GPUs.

It offers new performance enhancements that enable developers to instantly accelerate applications up to 8X by simply replacing existing CPU-based libraries. Key features of CUDA 6 include:
  • Unified Memory -- Simplifies programming by enabling applications to access CPU and GPU memory without the need to manually copy data from one to the other, and makes it easier to add support for GPU acceleration in a wide range of programming languages.
  • Drop-in Libraries -- Automatically accelerates applications' BLAS and FFTW calculations by up to 8X by simply replacing the existing CPU libraries with the GPU-accelerated equivalents.
  • Multi-GPU Scaling -- Re-designed BLAS and FFT GPU libraries automatically scale performance across up to eight GPUs in a single node, delivering over nine teraflops of double precision performance per node, and supporting larger workloads than ever before (up to 512 GB). Multi-GPU scaling can also be used with the new BLAS drop-in library.
"By automatically handling data management, Unified Memory enables us to quickly prototype kernels running on the GPU and reduces code complexity, cutting development time by up to 50 percent," said Rob Hoekstra, manager of Scalable Algorithms Department at Sandia National Laboratories. "Having this capability will be very useful as we determine future programming model choices and port more sophisticated, larger codes to GPUs."

"Our technologies have helped major studios, game developers and animators create visually stunning 3D animations and effects," said Paul Doyle, CEO at Fabric Engine, Inc. "They have been urging us to add support for acceleration on NVIDIA GPUs, but memory management proved too difficult a challenge when dealing with the complex use cases in production. With Unified Memory, this is handled automatically, allowing the Fabric compiler to target NVIDIA GPUs and enabling our customers to run their applications up to 10X faster."

In addition to the new features, the CUDA 6 platform offers a full suite of programming tools, GPU-accelerated math libraries, documentation and programming guides.

Version 6 of the CUDA Toolkit is expected to be available in early 2014. Members of the CUDA-GPU Computing Registered Developer Program will be notified when it is available for download. To join the program, register here.

For more information about the CUDA 6 platform, visit NVIDIA booth 613 at SC13, Nov. 18-21 in Denver, and the NVIDIA CUDA website.

Friday 15 November 2013

GTA V Savegame Hacks !

I've finally got around to check into PS3 hacking, i have successfully made god mode hack in GTA V !
Check out the all awesome video before reading any more, so you know it's true :)

Now that you have seen the video, i must say it is in beta state and i'm not 100% sure if i can make this for uncracked PS3. My PS3 is jailbroken so it's easier, but if you are interested in testing, reply to this post and we give it a go, i'm sure it's possible, just need someone to test with.

Also hacks won't stop there, there's a savegame editor that allows to change default cars and also max out all skills on all characters, but i want to throw in some of my own hacks, will see how it goes.

Sunday 10 November 2013

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Review and Testing!

Today I was testing out GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Actioncam / Camcorder and here's a quick review on this tiny cool device.

So what is Hero3+ exactly? Well in short it is ActionCam, designed to be used in sports, such as cycling, parachuting ..etc. It's easy to use and it can be controlled via iPhone's app, even tho via iPhone there is a delay in what Hero3+ sees, it is enough to see what you are recording.

Another great feature it has, is the "fish-eye" view, it is ultra wide angled.

Features / Specs

- Has remote controller that can be used to start/stop recording and change modes and turn it on/off.
- Uses Wi-Fi, so you can use iPhone (and android?) to connect to it and fully control it, change settings, start/stop recording, see what it sees ..etc
- Can record up to 4096x2160 resolution @ 15fps! (it is ultra wide angle, fish-eye view)
- Can record up to 240fps @ 480p or 120fps @ 720p, which makes it excellent for sports, where capturing fast movement is important.
- Fully waterproof! You can go diving with this device.
- Has expansion slots (such as LCD screen can be attached at back) and another Hero3+ can be connected to it.
- Uses micro SD card, however any micro SD won't do, you need high-speed SD, a normal one is not enough to record at high resolutions.

Video - Unboxing, Review, First time setup + Waterproof Test

This is Unboxing, Review, First time Setup and Testing. Underwater test is also included in this video!
We'll make more tests soon, underwater test in a bath is coming up and also fast movement test will come.

Bad Sides / Annoyances

First to mention it is very difficult to unbox this thing, but once you know how to do it, then it seems easy enough and you only unbox it once anyway, so not a big deal.

However another issue is more serious, namely sound. When it's in the waterproof case, then audio is practically non-existing, i was standing right next to it talking and on video i was barely able to hear myself and it had horrible quality.
It should have a bluetooth microphone or sound coming via iPhone, that would be excellent feature (not 100% sure about iPhone sound tho, it might be possible to capture sound from iPhone).

Underwater Record Test

DDR4 RAM coming this year? (2013)

DDR4 RAM (Random Access Memory) will be available by end of 2013?

According to Crucial DDR4 will be released late 2013, which means it will come out in less than 2 months!
They said in their DDR4 promo that it will be released late 2013, so there's not much left to wait.

DDR4 performance will be pretty much like DDR3 is to DDR2, just bit better.

Also noticeable is that DDR4 will allow 16gb per module! so on a motherboard with 4 RAM slots, you can now have 64gb of RAM, this is very important for servers. On a normal computer you would never use more than 8gb of RAM.

Personally i've needed more than 8gb only when using After Effects (professional video editor), using After Effects, RAM is very important, however using any other applications + games at same time will still not require more than 8gb. so now you can have only 1 module in your pc and it is more than enough to power all of your applications. and ofcourse all the speeds are increased, however voltage is lowered from 1.5 (DDR3) to 1.2, so RAM will produce less heat!

However worst side of DDR4, is that none of the nowday motherboards support DDR4, so if you have ultimate gaming PC with expensive motherboard (like i have Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z), then it means that you have to change your whole motherboard in order to use DDR4 RAM.

Crucial DDR4 RAM

Friday 8 November 2013

Best Battlefield 4 Walkthrough!

You think you know it all? Here's my Battlefield 4 Gameplay walkthrough / playthrough
.. and it is BEST there is.
I'm always playing in a sniper/ninja style, assault style have never fitted me, i take on my enemies from distance or by a surprise with extreme precision (i rarely miss the head, most shots are headshots)

Enjoy in 1080p with Ultra graphics settings :)

Wednesday 6 November 2013

(No) Problem

Today, I would like to talk about an interesting problem.

First of all, we have a class that includes all the solutions to problems that can be solved efficiently (polynomial time). Let us call this class P. The class of questions for which an answer can be verified in polynomial time is called NP.

The most difficult problems in NP are called NP-complete. An example:

Imagine there is a group of young adolescents at a round table. Some of them know eachother, some do not. Is it possible to find an order where two people sit next to eachother so that they are happy with the situation? (They are happy if they know eachother.)

While there are many algorithms to this problem, there is no real solution. Real solution:= efficient solution:= not exponential.

One thing we know for sure is, that if everyone is already sitting, it is easy to determine who likes whom. But finding the right seat plan is difficult.

Another one from wikipedia:

Consider the subset sum problem, an example of a problem that is easy to verify, but whose answer may be difficult to compute. Given a set of integers, does some nonempty subset of them sum to 0? For instance, does a subset of the set {−2, −3, 15, 14, 7, −10} add up to 0? The answer "yes, because {−2, −3, −10, 15} adds up to zero" can be quickly verified with three additions. However, there is no known algorithm to find such a subset in polynomial time (there is one, however, in exponential time, which consists of 2n-1 tries), and indeed such an algorithm can only exist if P = NP; hence this problem is in NP (quickly checkable) but not necessarily in P (quickly solvable).

Now, at this point you are either still here or closed the window long ago. If you are still here, you probably ask. Why should I care?

Well, for an example, because you can get rich. The NP problem is one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems selected by the Clay Mathematics Institute to carry a US$1,000,000 prize for the first correct solution. You get the money if you find correct proof, or if you can prove that there is no solution.

Or, if you have no interest in money, maybe you would be happy about a fix prof. position at Harvard or MIT.

Either way, there is one more interesting thing to this problem. There is a statics from 2002, where experts at this field had a survey. The question was: "Will there be ever a solution, and if yes, when?"

As you can see, most experts believe that it will be solved soon. Some of them already failed with their predictions. I believe that it either will be solved in 2040-2070 or never. But this is just my oppinion, let us hear yours.

If you have further questions or perhaps a solution, let us know. (If you have a solution, perhaps you better not tell me ;) )