Sunday 29 September 2019

gromek999 face reveal and truth behind the scenes

This post is about youtuber called gromek999. He is constantly trying to destroy other youtubers with lies and cheap fake bullshit (like faked screenshots).
He is using copyright material on all of his videos and calls it fair use, yet he is whining on everyone else for "stealing" his content, someone used his crossout (game) vehicle build on a video and he made a big deal out of it, he was complaining about it to GMs (General Moderator in game) and wanted to get that person banned from the game! Then on top of that he brags that he has good content, how can he have good content, if he doesn't even make his own content? all of his videos are full of clips from cartoons and movies, that's not even his content, people only watch his videos because of somebody elses content that he did not make. Putting together a compilation of many other clips, does not make it YOUR content, it's still copyright material. It's like running a library and saying "I have good content", libraries don't have any content at all, they are just distributors of other people's content. Or like TV channels, they don't have any content, they only distribute the content.

Here's gromek999 face reveal video and other truth about him

If video does not load here, then go directly to the video here:

It's uploaded on russian site, because he filed a copyright against the original that was posted on youtube. That's the kind of bag of dirt he is. He was making posts and other garbage talk on his social media and saying that's not him on this video, but he REFUSES to show video of himself, doesn't that tell you that it's actually him?

He showed a picture of top of his hair and of his ear and saying "i'm not blonde" .. like wtf? haven't that moron heard about hair color or photoshop? I can take a pic of myself and turn my hair into any color I like, in just 5 seconds. it's called HUE, can be done in seconds if you know how to use photoshop. Clearly that's him on the video and he just doesn't want to admit it. This pic was probably taken on his momma's wedding or something, where his mommy told him to wear such nice clothes.

He is also saying that players who use different keyboard layout, should be banned from all games as it is "scripting" and falls under cheating. He literally was reporting people for that and saying it's not allowed.

This post was made to show the true color of this fool named gromek999
don't believe what he says or claims to be, because you can bet it's a lie. He is not even man enough to show his face on his channel .. what more do you expect from a spineless liar like him?

He also threatens and blackmails other youtubers with fake pictures and text. In fact he asked me to delete this video or he posts some fake screenshots and text about me out in public, I have it all documented, so if he does release the fakes, I have the originals, proving that he was threatening me with that fake stuff before.
For example this screenshot from last year, he threatens to get me banned from a game, just because he doesn't like my videos and what I say about him.

I hope you people come to senses and realize that he is just a spineless liar who is not even man enough to show his face, I bet people who know him in real, consider him as a fragile virgin and are not even aware of the nonsense copyright videos he posts on youtube, he's probably too embarrassed to even tell them about his channel.

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Crossout (game) is full of cheaters - why are cheaters not banned?

If you're not familiar with Crossout yet, it's an awesome PvP and PvE with cars! You can build your very own car, tank, robot or hovercraft and then you must battle other players with it.

There's also Clan Wars, which is very competitive and only top 30 clans are awarded with very rare "uranium" resource that is extremely hard to get.

So the story is .. that top clans are all full of cheaters, they leave no room for legit pro players like me and my friends. There are obvious cheats that can be picked out easily by just analyzing the video clip, yet such cheaters are not being banned. Perhaps because they bring a lot of money into the game?

Game is really good, but increasing cheater problem is getting very annoying and it causes lot of pro players to abandon the game. 4 pro players I know personally, said that they stopped playing because of the cheater problems in clan wars.

Some of the top clans are also win trading. What is win trading? It means that they have another alias clan with low rank, in the game settings they set their region to something that nobody uses, like "Asia" or "Australia" and then both teams queue up at same time, so they end up in same match, then the alias clan just quits the match and gives them free win. Even tho it doesn't give many points, it's still FREE points and they can do it like 50 times in the same time that it takes others to finish 1 match (3-5 minutes). So by the time other clans finish 1 match, they finish 50 (or maybe even more).

Check out the videos below of cheaters being exposed and caught red handed

Cheaters Exposed in Crossout (Proof of cheaters)

"Gorillalike" player hardcore Aimbot and Wallhack

Even tho this clip is about a year old, this player is still in game and cheating hard.
Also youtubers such as gromek are defending such cheaters and refuse to accknowledge that they even cheat, they just ignore the subject (probably because they have those cheaters in their friend list)

Does anti-cheat even work? Game is supposedly protected by "Easy Anti Cheat", yet cheaters are running loose left and right.

Where to Get Crossout cheats / hacks? Is it easy to get cheats?

MPGH - FREE aimbot and wallhack

AimJunkies - 100% working Crossout hacks:


Unknown Cheats

I found those by doing a simple google search for crossout hacks (aimbot, wallhack ..etc), it took me less than 5 minutes ... how is it possible that developers are not finding any of them?

These links are not here to advertise or sell hacks, these links are here to SHOW THE IDIOT NON BELIEVERS, just how EASY it is to get hacks for crossout, notice the MPGH is FREE to download and status is still "UNDETECTED".

This here is SOLID PROOF that Crossout hacks are real and they're very easy to find and get!

If you go as far as paying for cheats, then 99% sure they never get detected, there are lot of websites selling hacks for known games such as CSGO and those hacks are never detected, there are still thousands of hackers playing every day in all types of games.

Don't be so naive kids, hackers in Crossout are REAL and over 90% of them are in Clan Wars, carrying their clans with cheats.

Please be aware that I hate cheaters in competitive games / modes, if they want to do it in casual modes .. whatever, don't really care, but in competitive mode and carrying their teams? JUST NO! ban those 0-skill loser noobs please!