Thursday 27 February 2014

How to buy games on Steam from another country

I've had problems trying to buy games on steam using another country PayPal. Obviously this also occurs when trying to buy games while travelling. There are serious flaws in steam system, however there is "official" bypass for this.

For example if your home country is UK, but you are trying to buy games from another country (when travelling) or if you are in UK and want to buy games using PayPal / Credit Card that is not registered in UK, then you have to do it via web browser by using the following link:

This will set your country to UK, then browse the store as usual, login and order. Worked fine for me.
Specific problem for me, was that i'm using business PayPal to buy games on steam, but it's registered in another country, so i was not able to complete the orders.
Keep in mind, you can't do this via steam client, you must use web browser, but that's ok. Once purchase is complete in browser, it will offer you to install game on your steam client. If steam client is running and you're logged in, all you have to do is click on the button in web browser and game will be available for you. no need to enter any serials or check emails ..etc.

How does it work exactly?
If you don't understand the link, then you must know the 2 letter country code for this trick to work. For example USA is "US" and you would have to replace UK with US.
Germany is DE, Finland is FI, Sweden is SE ..etc ..etc
That country code has to match the PayPal / Credit Card location, otherwise it won't work.
Or whatever payment method you're using, you must use the correct country code to go with the billing address / payment method's location.

I hope this makes sense and will help you purchase on Steam.

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