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* How to make God Mode & 1 Hit Kills in PC Games

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* Basic game hacking tutorial & Toolz for it
* How to hack MMO (massively multiplayer online) games & tools
Universal crosshair for all games
PlayStation 3 [PS3] - intercept & modify packets / traffic
[PS2] PlayStation2 game hacking
How to hack / get unlimited ammo in single player games
How to run games in windowed mode

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* Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2 / TDU 2) - Hacks, Hacking and Modding
Dead Island - Hacks / Hacking / Mods / Modding
Basic Game Hacking 
PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ) - jailbreaking, hacks and hacking
Unlimited Ammo Hack
Aliens vs Predator 2010 (AvP3 / AvP2010) - hacks, hacking and exploits
Resident Evil 5 (RE5 / RE 5) Hacks and Hacking
Mass Effect 2 Hacking and Modding
Finding Unknown Values
Time Hacking

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Basic Game Hacking Tutorial - How to make Unlimited Ammo in any PC Game

Here i will show you the basics, namely on how to make unlimited ammo. This works mainly in single player, but i have seen it work in multiplayer too (example is aliens vs predator 2010, but later it was patched).
This is good place for you to start if you don't know anything about game hacking.

How to make God Mode & 1 Hit Kills in PC Games 

This video explains and shows in detail on how to make the legendary 1 hit kills and god mode in any PC game, however in most cases this will not work online. for online there are other methods which i will cover in future.

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