Sunday, 29 September 2019

Truth about youtuber gromek999

This post is about youtuber called gromek999. He is constantly trying to destroy other youtubers with lies and cheap bullshit. Most of his followers are 9-15 year old children, so you can't expect them to understand the truth.
He is using copyright material on all of his videos and calls it fair use, really it is not fair use. Those big companies just have better things to do than chase after some chump like him. and then he brags that he has good content, how can he have good content, if he doesn't even make his own content? all of his videos are full of clips from cartoons and movies, that's not even his content, people only like them because of somebody elses content. it's like running a library and saying "I have good content", libraries don't have any content at all, they are just distributors of other people's content. Or like TV channels, they don't have any content, they only distribute the content.

Here's a video, showing you the kind of person he really is:

If video does not load here, then go directly to the video here:

It's uploaded on russian site, because he filed a copyright against the original that was posted on youtube. That's the kind of bag of dirt he is. He was making posts and other garbage talk on his social media and saying that's not him, but he REFUSES to show video of himself, doesn't that tell you that it's actually him?

He showed a picture of top of his hair and of his ear and saying "i'm not blonde" .. like wtf? haven't that moron heard about hair color or photoshop? I can take a pic of myself and turn my hair into any color I like, in just 5 seconds. it's called HUE, can be done in seconds if you know how to use photoshop. Clearly that's him on the video and he just doesn't want to admit that he's the kind of sissy who lets his momma dress him.

He is also saying that players who use different keyboard layout, should be banned from all games as it is "scripting". he literally was reporting people for that and saying it's not allowed.

This post was made to show the true color of this fool named gromek999
don't believe what he says or claims to be, because you can bet it's a lie. He is not even man enough to show his face on his channel .. what more do you expect from a spineless liar like him?

He also threatens and blackmails other youtubers with fake pictures and text. In fact he asked me to delete this video or he posts some fake screenshots and text about me out in public, I have it all documented, so if he does release the fakes, I have the originals, proving that he was threatening me with that fake stuff before.
For example this screenshot from last year, he threatens to get me banned from a game, just because he doesn't like my videos and what I say about him.

I hope you people come to senses and realize that he is just a spineless coward who is too afraid to even show his face. Apperently he is not man enough to even show his face, I bet people who know him in real, consider him as a fragile virgin and are not even aware of the nonsense copyright videos he posts on youtube, he's probably too embarassed to tell them.