Saturday 28 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto V / GTA does not run @ 1080p [PS3]

After playing the tutorial mission in GTA V on PS3, i noticed that it's stuck @ 576p .. this is ridiculous, i knew something is wrong. Then i googled around a little bit about GTA V being stuck on 576p resolution and found out that GTA V on consoles is not meant to run 1080p at all, it doesn't even have textures for 1080p, it only runs @ 720p max.

But problem with 576p is that PS3 does not have all options enabled by default, simply quit game and do this:
Settings > Display Settings > Select all options (576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p)
Note that on my 42'' LG TV im having issues with 1080p (i have to use 1080i), 1080p has some artifacts and sound glitches going on, no idea why, so i left 1080p out. This is NOT because of my TV, its maybe 2 years old model and it support 1080p easily, i use that tv with my media station PC and its set to 1080p, works great, so its some incompatibility between PS3 and TV, anyway 1080i works perfectly, so for GTA V you must include 720p or it defaults to 576p and looks like super shit.

Hope this helped.

Grand Theft Auto V / GTA V on PS3 with 3.55 CFW / firmware

Hey there GTA fans, I have seen tons of false posts and videos regarding GTA V running on jailbroken 3.55 CFW / firmware / software, but i did manage to get it to work. There are also those who say that there is new jailbroken CFW out (latest), but its so not true. DO NOT belive any of those who link you to some survey, those are fake and scam, they just want to increase their $$$ by sending you to those surveys, those are always fake.

Better stick with professionals like us, who never release false info. I have tested it myself and it works 100% on 3.55 CFW. It was bit frustrating to google around, because there are people who say it works and there are people who say it doesn't work and there are people who post false info to get more $$$ from their adverts and surveys, so hard to choose from.

So i have a retail GTA V (BLES01807), originally downloaded the Duplex version, but it didn't work. I saw the duplex intro, but then it returned to menu and game did not launch, but not to worry, you do not need to download the game again, you just need a simple fix.


You need eboot fix, which you can get HERE (read description !)

Didn't work? leave a comment and tell us what went wrong.

Thursday 26 September 2013 site traffic for past 30 days

Here's a screenshot of site traffic for those who wonder ...
look at it go !

Monday 23 September 2013

Sunday 22 September 2013

Real Cloaking / Stealth Device

Here's a concept video clip, where i demonstrate Predator's cloaking device (stealth camouflage).

Well obviously this isn't some alien technology, i made this in After Effects + final edits in Camtasia (to add sounds and watermark).
Took me about 8 hours to do this and it's still not perfect, but it's concept only to test out the effects, since i've never made anything like that in after effects, decided to take a deeper look into After FX.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Sethioz PC Upgrades (HDDs + Thermal Compound)

Sethioz PC Upgrades - 2x 2tb HDDs + Thermal Paste for H100


Today I added another upgrade into my "Red Hive" PC project, bought two 2tb Samsung HD204UI 5400rpm Spinpoint Hard Drives from my friend.
Not brand new, but in very good condition.

Now my PC has 7.25tb space in total, split between 3 HDDs and SSD
- SSD - Samsung 250gb 840 Pro Series - 340mb/s read and 240mb/s write
- External HDD - 3tb Seagate 7200rpm - 220mb/s read/write
- HDD 1 & 2 - Samsung HD204UI Spinpoint 5400rpm - 135mb/s read and 132mb/s write

I didn't really need that much space, but it never goes to waste either. Before i had 320gb and 300gb HDDs, 300gb HDD was for games and it has only 7gb free, not too much lol.

Performance and Temperatures

Both of the Samsung HD204UIs are 25-26C, both are in front of a case fan, so they stay quite cool. My external 3tb HDD is at 37C, but considering that it is 7200rpm (faster) and it is external without any fans being right next to it + its in a plastic case, it is normal, but the cooler the better. It does not matter if those HDDs have load on them or not, temps seem to remain same.

As mentioned before, write speed is about 132mb/s and read is 135mb/s, which is quite good for 5400rpm HDD. It might be too slow to record games @ 60fps in 1920x1080, but not sure, either way i never record at 60fps because file sizes are too huge and 30fps recordings are more than enough for youtube, they are smooth and nice. most movies are 23.5fps - 25fps and movies don't have visual lag, so im good with that and on top of that, i use 3tb External HDD for recordings, which is 7200rpm and can read/write at 220mb/s.


Nothing special, looks like any other HDD from top.
Note - This is not the actual HDD i have, numbers on top are different, but mine is exact same model
which is HD204UI

From below, again, nothing special, looks like any other HDD. What i don't like about HDDs in general, is the fact that they have open components on surface and it is not a good idea to touch any of them by hand or with anything else, you can use a very, very soft brush to brush off the dust that gets stuck in there, but its better to use compressed air to clean it off. If too much dust collects onto HDD, it may shortcircuit, so you should keep components clean at all times by regularly cleaning your HDD/s

They should really make a design where you have cover under the HDD.
Here is view of opened Samsung HDD, well 90% of HDDs look the same inside.
On the left bottom corner you see the super powerful magnet, that is used to write onto the Disk itself thru the magnetic arms, which you find below the disk, right from the magnet. And top middle, you find the disk itself with a small cover, not sure what the purpose of this cover it, maybe for better balance.

NOTE - you should NEVER open your HDD and turn it on, HDDs must be closed when working, most HDDs need certain pressure inside for the magnetic arms to "float" over the disk surface. if that pressure is broken, you will end up damaging the disk permanently.

IC Diamond Thermal Paste - 7 Carat Diamond Thermal Compound

This is one of the best thermal pastes / compounds out there, I am no expert on thermal pastes, in fact this is first time i ever compare them, but i do know few things about them based on reviews and other people's tests, that if you want to take most of your CPU cooler, such as Corsair H100 (it's what i have), then you need performance thermal compound and not some crappy default one.

What actually came to me as surprise, is that Corsair H100 came with default thermal paste applied to the H100 cooler and this is what i used to mount it with, i took it out of box and into PC it went. ..but now that i cleaned that default thermal paste off and applied this IC Diamond, my temps are quite surprising.

CPU Core temp with default Corsair Thermal Compound - 17-19C in idle
CPU Core temp with IC Diamond - 11 - 13C in idle
CPU Socket temp is about same, 33 - 35C
I have not tested it under load yet, but i will make some tests and probably update the post.

How to apply Thermal Paste / Compound

Lot of people have been asking this question (including me actually)
How should i apply the thermal paste?
It is indeed confusing, because all the default CPU coolers have pre-applied thermal compound and it is spread out as a very thin layer, about the size of the CPU's top, well this is bad way. If you want best cooling, never use the default thermal paste that comes with the cooler (do not use default cooler either).
Best way to apply thermal paste:
1. Apply a drop in the middle of the CPU (not onto the cooler).
2. Then get CPU cooler ready, make sure you have cables on right side and brackets ready
3. Press the cooler onto the CPU and DO NOT let it go anymore, hold it by hand and hold it tight
4. While holding CPU cooler down, tighten the brackets (but not too tight, just enough so cooler does not lift off when you take hand off) and make sure that in process, you do not lift the cooler at all, if you lift the cooler, you should start all over again by wiping off the thermal paste again.
5. As you left brackets / screws bit loose, now twist cooler/heatsink gently left/right few times, do not force it if its too tight (then just simply tighten the screws / brackets)
6. Finally tighten all screws / brackets, you can tighten them quite hard, but make sure you do not break anything, you should have a "feel" for the material, you should be able to feel when metal / plastic starts to break and don't go too far with it. on H100, you can't over do them, because screws simply touch the bracket and then you can't go any further.

How to remove CPU Cooler + Thermal Compound without damaging CPU or motherboard

First of, not as easy as you think it is. I have seen rookies/noobs break their CPU when removing the cooler, it is not as easy as you think.
I have Asus Silent Knight II CPU cooler in other PC, which has a custom AMD bracket and with that, you don't have this problem, you can simply undo the bracket and pull off the cooler, however with 90% of CPU coolers, you can't do that.
Why? because thermal compound acts as a glue, it stucks to the CPU/Cooler, so if you undo the bracket / screws and pull the cooler off, you end up ripping your CPU out of the socket and most likely it ends up by bending some of the CPU pins .. and in most cases it damages the CPU and in bad case, some pins may even break off, because CPU cannot be pulled out of socket, you must first unlock it by pulling the lever up, but it is under the cooler, so you can't do that before removing cooler.

See the problem? Solution is quite easy actually, put some pressure on your heatsink / cooler and then undo the screws / brackets that hold the CPU cooler (do not let go of  the cpu cooler, keep pressure on).
once CPU cooler is loose, only thing holding it down is pressure from your hand, then start twisting the cpu cooler from side to side, until you feel its quite loose, then move it from side to side, when you're sure it is no longer stuck to your CPU, remove it.

With H100 or some other liquid coolers, it maybe more complex, because on my H100 those hoses/pipes for liquid have plastic cover, which is extremely hard to bend, meaning that once cooler have been mounted for months, those hoses take the shape they are in, meaning that if you try to remove the cooler, they actually pull back or they may still push the CPU cooler other way, so you must be very careful in such cases when undoing the brackets/screws, because those hoses have enough pressure to rip the whole CPU out of the socket if you're not holding the cooler down.

News: Grand Theft Auto 5 - Prevention of a PC port Petition Launched

With only about a week left in the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, a petition has surfaced asking Rockstar games to not release a PC port of GTA 5. There is nothing wrong with starting a petition about what you believe in or how to make things better but the reason stated on the petition by Trevor Phillips says, "So PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games". 

There is nothing PC gamers should be worried about though because Rockstar will not leave a huge business decision on something a Console gamer said specially when what he said is "to teach PC gamers a lesson". If Rockstar or any other company would seriously take their business decision based on such a thing then that company is probably as childish as the people who make these types of petitions or sign them. Modding on PC keeps GTA games alive for much longer otherwise they wouldn't have gained so much praises. As a side note, other than the petition linked above, there has been another petition online for a long time which actually is for supporters of those who wants the game for PC. That petition have 341,440+ supporters most of which are PC gamers who are excited about Grand Theft Auto V and hopefully we will be able to play the game on PC within the next 6 months.

Sunday 8 September 2013

Splinter Cell Blacklist +5 Trainer now released for v1.02 (update2 / patch2)


- God Mode - never die, not even from grenades
 - 1 Hit kills - kill any enemy with just 1 hit (enemys with shields will glitch if you shoot them into the shield)
 - God mode + 1 hit kills - both enabled at same time
 - Give 5 million and freeze money
 - Unlimited ammo in clip - never reload, never run out of ammo


You can get it on our Store HERE

I'm still trying to figure out why it seem to be impossible to make infinite gadgets hack for Blacklist, seems like that no one have managed this yet, it is strange indeed, but again i have not put much time into this mystery, i can solve it, i know i can :)

You can see Video Demonstrations of these hacks HERE

Thursday 5 September 2013

GTX680 Phantom Edition

Review and Benchmarking on Ultimate Gaming PC

Package and Look

See the Unboxing and Review video HERE

It comes in a nice, solid box with a openable cover and underneath the cover you find a view window, where you can see the card, but to take it out, you must open the box from side. This window is very good if you go into a shop and want to see the actual product, without opening the box. It's extremely easy to open the box, just a small sticker and then side opens up and out slides the plastic that holds the GTX680 itself.

Phantom Edition is made by Gainward and it is lot better than most GTX680's out there. On my opinion this is the best looking graphics card i have seen, this is why i decided to get this specific edition. It has a nice "ghosty" look to it, very unique and nice, with fans fitted below the heatsink. It has two fans to cool the heatsink. Unfortunetely you won't really see it when the card is fitted, but knowing that its there, is nice :)

It takes up 2.5 slots due the better and bigger heatsink. There is another GTX680 i like by Asus with DirectCU II heatsink, which takes up 3 slots, but Phantom looks just a lot better.

Specifications, Dimensions and Ports / Connectors

Product Name  :   Gainward GeForce® GTX 680 Phantom
Barcode  :   4260183362517
GPU  :   GeForce GTX 680
GPU Clockspeed  :   1150 MHz (boost) / 1084 MHz (base)
Memory  :   2048MB GDDR5 (256 bits)
Memory Clockspeed  :   3150 MHz (DDR6300)
Pixels per clock (peak)  :   N/A
Bandwidth  :   201.6 GB/s
Ramdac  :   400 MHz
Bus  :   PCI-Express 3.0 x 16
Cooling  :   2.5 Slot Fan cooler
Video-Features  :   HDMI
Connectivity  :   Dual DVI, DisplayPort
Product Size  :   254mm x 112mm
Power Connector  :   8-pin & 6-pin
Unlike the default GTX680, Phantom edition comes with 8-pin + 6-pin power connectors. GTX680 originally had 2x 6-pin connectors, but this was changed by Gainward. Asus DirectCU II version also has 8+6 pin connectors.
It supports 4 monitors at same time, so you can have a super wide screen over 4 monitors. You will find DVI x2 ports, 1x HDMI port and 1x DisplayPort.

GTX680 Phantom also comes with higher clock speeds and Bandwidth, making it a better beast for gaming. Here's comparison to default 680:

Default / Original GTX680
Boost Clockspeed: 1058MHz
Base Clockspeed: 1006
Bandwidth: 192.2GB/s

GTX680 Phantom
Boost Clockspeed: 1150MHz
Base Clockspeed: 1084MHz
Bandwidth: 201.6GB/s

As you can see, Phantom is better in every way, this is possible due the Phantom's heatsink / cooler that does a good job.
Phantom is simply better in every way than normal GTX680, however Asus DirectCU II version has little bit higher Clockspeeds than Phantom, because it has even bigger heatsink.

Many say that "there is no performance difference, just go with cheapest one", but as you can see, a bigger heatsink allows higher base clock speeds, you do not need to overclock this card, it works out of the box on higher default speeds than normal / original GTX680.

Worst choice would be to get graphics card with only 1 fan on it, because they are extremely noisy and lot hotter.

Performance and Temperatures

I've had it for about a week by now and it literally beats the games, meaning that game engine is not meant to give higher FPS than this card can handle. For example Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed is one of them, where framerate simply won't go over 40-70fps with absolute ultra graphics, another game is GTA IV where framerate is similar, from 40 - 70fps, depending on the areas.
However Crysis 3 is a real challenge even for this card, i tested Crysis 3 on absolute max @ 1920x1080 and i got 25-40fps, depending on the area, but if i turn Multisampling and Anti-Aliasing down or off, then i get instant 100+ fps, so this Beast graphics card is enough to play even the most demanding games.
I have to honestly say that i did not notice any difference if Anti-Aliasing is like 16x or 2x, at least not on 27'' IPS monitor. Anti-Aliasing and Multisampling should look very nice on super high resolution monitors, like those Samsung PLS monitors, that have higher than 1920x1080 resolution, however even this Beast graphics card is not enough to run games on absolute max above 1920x1080, it can easily run games, but struggles with Anti-Aliasing and Multisampling, however Far Cry 3 on absolute max (including anti-aliasing and multsampling) still runs on a good 70fps.

I find this a really good graphics card, just because i can't turn Crysis 3 on absolute max, does not mean its not enough, it's more than enough. Crysis 3 is only game i found that actually cannot be ran on absolute max, any other game runs perfectly (GRID2, Infestation, Tomb Raider 2013, Dead Island Riptide ..etc)

Temperatures are from 32 - 66C. I have extremely good PC Case (Antec DF-85 full tower) to help cool it and i have also set custom fan speeds with MSI Afterburner, so fan speeds are higher on lower temps, keeping the card under 70C, which is actually very good for Graphics Card, considering that some of them go over 90C!

Benchmark Videos

Here are some benchmark video tests i made in games:

In general i find this graphics card very good, after all it is 4th/5th/6th in nVidia's list:
1. GTX690 (dual GPU)
2. GTX Titan
3. GTX780
4. GTX770
5/6. GTX680
5/6. GTX590 (dual GPU)

Considering that Phantom has higher clocks than original 680, it may even be better than nVidia's listed 770 on their website, in fact Phantom has higher clock speeds than 770 on nVidia's website.
590 comes really close too, but 590 is out of date and i do not recommend it, even tho you may find one for quite cheap nowdays, 590 is the most power hungry graphics card in nVidia's list with 365 watts of power draw under load, while GTX680 is only 190 watts under max load, however Phantom edition probably takes bit more, maybe 200-210 watts of power under load, still way under 590. GTX770 takes 230 watts of power, based on nVidia's website.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Need for Speed SHIFT 2 - Crashes and Accidents Compilation in 1080p

Here's the long waited Shift 2 Crashes and Accidents in 1080p
old video with now over 1 million views!, lets make this one 2 million

Monday 2 September 2013

Palit Jetstream GTX 760 Review / Unboxing / First Impression


The GTX 760 from Palit is a very very good card for just $250 (US price). The first good impression you get off the card is the red color and the white LED's on the fan. The card have the following specs:

  • 1152 Shader Units
  • GK104 Graphic Processor
  • 3500M Transistors
  • 2048 MB / 2GB Memory
  • 256 bit Memory Bus Width
  • 980 MHz+ Core Clock
  • 1502 MHz Memory Clock

These specs are good enough to play almost every game out there at a resolution of 1920x1080 and more. 


The Palit GTX 760 comes in a very huge and nice box. The box is almost equal to the size of any 20" Monitor you can find in the market.


Along with the card, the extra content you will find inside the box are:

  • Driver CD + documentation
  • Molex to PCI-E power cable
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • HDMI to DVI adapter
  • Palit sticker
Sadly, I somehow lost the sticker while installing the card and it is nowhere to be found but it has no real use other than putting it up on your PC case or on the PC table (doesn't look good). It might look good on some cases but considering it's size and color, it won't look good on most.

Also, the Driver CD is almost useless since it is not recommended to install those drivers, instead head over to Nvidia's site and get the latest drivers.
One more thing that could've been included with the card is the DVI cable itself. Many monitors do not have the DVI and so you get a DVI to VGA adapter but most monitors now a days do have a DVI slot and hence the DVI cable is good to use if not HDMI.

Dimensions & Installation

The Palit GTX 760 is 24cm long and 12cm High and takes up the space of 3 slots on the Case. It includes 2 DVI ports, one HDMI port and one DisplayPort. All ports can be used at the same time, hence a Nvidia surround setup is possible to do with just one Palit Gtx 760. The GPU also includes an HDMI sound device. It is HDMI 1.4a compatible, which includes HD audio and Blu-ray 3D movies support.
There are also 2 SLI connectors available, allowing you to combine upto 4 Gtx 760 in Quad-SLI mode. Each card requires two 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors.

Benchmarks and Video reviews coming soon. 
Stay tuned and keep and eye on our Youtube Channel:
Or, also on my personal Channel:

Sunday 1 September 2013

Expert game hacking tutorial - how to make 1 hit kills & god mode

Learn how to write your own game hacks / cheats / trainers  - This time showing you how to make the legendary 1 Hit Kills and GOD Mode in any PC game

Follow my Knowledge Database for text+image based detailed tutorials on how to hack pc games or how to intercept packets in PS3 and modify them and a lot more !

Want to learn something that you haven't found yet? leave a comment and let us hear you! We'll make a tutorial and teach you how to do stuff like this.