Saturday 20 December 2014

The Crew Trainers & Hacks - Bucks / Money, Infinite Nitros, Points and more

The Crew Trainers (Hacks / Cheats) are available @ Sethioz Industries. Check the list for all the available trainers.

> The Crew Trainers <

Here's a short list of The Crew hacks that are currently available:

* Money / Bucks / Cash Hack, adding 4000 bucks at a time (4000 because money is server sided and can only be bypassed by 4000 for now)
* Infinite Nitros
* No Damage
* No Police
* Add Points in any Skill Event
* Freeze Timers

Video Demonstrations - The Crew - Ultimate Trainer - Add Money Points Nitros Stop Timers etc - The Crew - TRAINER - Infinite Nitros and No Damage - The Crew - TRAINER / HACK - Skill Events Score - The Crew - PvP Events with Infinite Nitros HACK - The Crew - PvP Event with NITROS HACK - The Crew - Unlimited Nitros Hack - The Crew - HACK - No Police Felony - The Crew - HACK - Money Bucks Cash - The Crew - Bucks / Money / Cash TRAINER Demonstration

Videos are not available on youtube, because Ubisoft is butthurt and asked youtube to globally block them. lol. I have temporarily uploaded them onto my website until i can find another video hoster, such as Vimeo or some russian hosting perhaps.

Ubisoft is Butthurt

As some may know, Ubisoft got extremely butthurt because one of their biggest PAY2WIN titles called "The Crew" was hacked by me, Sethioz, and they started losing lot of money, because people started using my trainers instead of paying LUbisoft for the in-game credits that cost shit loads of money. So they decided to pull the only legal string they could and filed copyright disputes against all of my Crew hack videos, as a result all of those videos were gloablly blocked. Those were not copyright strikes, videos are simply blocked globally.
I will not re-upload them, because that would be violating youtube terms on purpose and i don't do that, if Ubisoft is Lubisoft and got so butthurt, i uploaded them onto my own website where Lubis have no control of the videos. Next step is to look for a different video host, such as Vimeo or maybe some russian hosting where USA has no control over.
Then i'll stick that big and long stick even deeper into them and rub it into their faces by posting those videos all over their forums using fake accounts.

They could not do anything else, because game trainers are not illegal. My trainers do not contain any of their game data or content, therefore they have no control over them, best they can do is try to take down videos of gameplay.
This is also the reason why videos were taken down, it has NOTHING to do with game hacking, reason youtube took them down, is because Ubisoft owns all the rights to game footage and audio, this is normal regarding any game. Usually game developers do not do this, but since they got butthurt, they had to show it out lol.
This is the story behind this issue that occurred, nothing more, nothing less. My trainers are still available and fully working and i have replaced some of The Crew hack videos with reference videos, that show the trainer and no gameplay footage, so they can't do shit about it.

Here's one demonstration of a video i made: