Thursday 30 January 2014

Need for Speed (NFS) Rivals - WORST GAME EVER!

Yay .. NFS Rivals made by Criterion the Cretins!!!
5 minutes in the game and i got so pissed with this piece of JUNK, this is WORST NFS ever made!, probably worst game of 2014!

sooo .. well it's not a problem for drooling twats who are only interested in bashing buttons, but as a true racer, you notice right away that it ONLY supports 360 controller and it cannot be remapped! so you are STUCK with the button layout that is given to you.
UNACCEPTABLE! this game goes down the trash bin!

I'd understand only 360 controller, because microsoft probably payed them tons of money and those Cretins are money hungry fucks, so they couldn't decline, but what is the logic behind making it STUCK on default layout?!?!?!?

Now lets move on, second thing .. that intro movie is not skippable! so you have to watch that 2-3 min intro movie every fucking time you launch the game, also the tutorial is UNSKIPPABLE! what the fuck is that nonsense?!
who made this junk? and it costs 50EUR ?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
good thing i torrented this junk, because im never going to WASTE my money on this piece of junk.

ONLY good thing in this game is graphics, rest is complete crap. as usual, driving even slow, you hear tyres screetching just like you'd drive 300km/h!!!! and when you jump the car, you take no damage, but tarmac and car pieces flying EVERYWHERE, just like car blew up .. but nope, not a scratch on a car!
wow ..just wow...
it's like somebody's 5 year old kid designed this lmfao...

my suggestion, DO NOT waste your money on this piece of junk. Torrent it, see for yourself how much this game sucks and throw it into trash bin, because that's all this game is good for!

Monday 27 January 2014

nVidia ShadowPlay latest updates (27.jan.2014)

nVidia just updated ShadowPlay and it said to add/fix the following:
- Adds option to change the directory of the ShadowPlay buffer
- Fixes missing audio when playing in 5.1 surround mode
- Adds 30 FPS recording option
- Adds custom bit rate control
- Adds output resolution control
- Adds microphone on push function

If you still don't know what ShadowPlay is, it's a free game recorder by nVidia for 600 and 700 GTX series graphics cards. It comes in a package with "nvidia geforce experience" which you can freely download from website.

Friday 17 January 2014

DayZ Standalone FPS (framerate) optimization tutorial

This tutorial explains how to optimize your DayZ Standalone to get higher framerates in big cities. Every DayZ player should know that even with ultimate gaming PC you get low framerates in populated areas. For example even with 8-Core AMD CPU or 6-Core i7 and GTX690 or HD7990 you end up getting like 20fps or lower.
So far only way of fixing this, is to change some setting files and add few launch options on Steam.

Launch Options

- In steam, right click on "DayZ" and select properties
- Set Launch Options...
- Put this into the box and click "OK"
cpuCount=8 -maxMem=16384 -nosplash -noPause

cpuCount - should be the amount of cores your CPU has.
maxMem - amount of RAM you have (doesn't really change a thing tho)
nosplash - removes the splash screen
noPause - not really sure about this, didn't really change a thing for me, but some say it speeds up loading times.

CFG File Settings

- Go to the following location:
- C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\DayZ
- in my case, it would be "C:\Users\Sethioz\Documents\DayZ"
- Open file DayZ.cfg with Notepad++ (can use normal notepad, but it will be a mess)
- Change the following settings (if not already as shown)

Profile Settings

- Go to the following location:
- C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\DayZ
- in my case, it would be "C:\Users\Sethioz\Documents\DayZ"
- Open file Sethioz.DayZProfile in your case "Sethioz" would be replaced with your username
- Change the following settings:
sceneComplexity=1000000; < default is 1 million, i have it on 200000 (greatly helps with fps)
shadowZDistance=250; < default is 250 i think, mine is set to 200, you can try lower numbers.
preferredObjectViewDistance=1900; < default is 3000 i think, set to whatever you think is good for you, but beaware that it may interfere how you see other players. setting it too low may cause you not to see other players.

Note - if you can't find the file, it may also be in following folder:
C:\Users\Sethioz\My Documents\DayZ Other Profiles\Sethioz (where Sethioz is replaced with your name)

This should make it more playable in laggy areas and give you advantage over others who have not done this, however it will affect your visuals. Setting the ObjectViewDistance may cause windows not rendering properly from distance, so you can't see if someone is in the house, looking out from a window and shadowZDistance is the distance where you see shadows, too low and you may miss shadows and not see a player sneak up on you.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

BEST CAR GAME? - Next Car Game with Soft Body Physics!

Is THIS the long waited super car game? Have developers FINALLY learned from 3rd party game creators, such as BeamNG and Rigs of Rods?
First impressions .. yes seems so, "Next Car Game" (NCG) is made by BugBear, same developer company who made Flatout series.
Basically NCG is yet another Flatout with Soft Body Physics, well visual damage is very severe, however cars do not break that easily. It's not exactly like BeamNG or Rigs of Rods, but quite close, takes bit more to smash your car into a "box", but it's doable.
I think that Next Car Game stands for "Next Generation" Car Game, not sure if they keep it under that name, but their official site looks official enough to think that they won't be changing this name.

NCG includes a Demolition Derby mode with 24 Cars on the arena at same time! Unlike most games with derby mode, in NCG A.I. cars do not chase after player, they choose their targets randomly and they are smart enough to reverse into another car, rather than using their front (which is more fragile and takes you out of race if broken too much).

Review / First Look Video

Download / Buy
It's currently in early alpha state, you will get 2 cars and 3 tracks (gravel/dirt track, tarmac track and derby arena). Not sure if you can buy it via steam, but it's steam based, you will receive a serial key after purchase and can register it on steam, then you can download the game via steam!
Currently about 1.2gb in size

Hacks / Trainers

I have already made some concept hacks (Weight, Power and Turbo Boost/Jump and counting), those are just concept and i have not released anything yet (I will start uploading videos soon and make posts on forum and then later trainers..etc).
For now simply check Next Car Game (NCG) Hacks on forum to see the progress :)
Show your interest! If you like the hacks, like, share, post ..etc, the more interest you people show, the more seriously i will take this project, so show your love ^^