Tuesday 12 July 2016

GTX 1080 owners are FORCED to update their windows 10!!!

It's confirmed, that GTX 1080 drivers are not compatible with older versions of windows 10, if you want to be able to install drivers for 1080, you are FORCED to update your windows 10 to version 1511 (10586) or later, otherwise you are not able to use the GTX 1080.

Yet another douchebaggery move from GAYvidia (woops I mean nVidia!) and MicroSHITsoft. This is just unfuckingstupid what they are doing, so I pay 720gbp (great british pounds) for MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X and what I get ... is 4 hours of wasted time on trying to upgrade windows 10.

Microsoft automatically assumes that all their customers are complete noobs and use defaults, well I freaking don't! I have my SSD encypted with truecrypt, so any attempt to upgrade from USB (or other external media) will not work, furthermore the upgrade tools did not work either, they said that it can't find windows, even tho i was in windows while i clicked upgrade.
So I had to decrypt my SSD (30min) and then upgrade, windows was wanking there for about 1 hour, then re-encrypt the SSD (50min), so another 2 hours gone just like that.

SO finally that I got it back running, what did I get? let's see ... well windows now has some new icons!!!
Basically I wasted 6 hours total on new icons, good job GAYvidia and MicroSHITsoft. I think that from now on, I will start using AMD GPUs instead ... they don't piss on their customers like GAYvidia does it. 720gbp guys, you can buy entry level gaming PCs for this money!!!
Furthermore, GeForce Experience started giving me issues too.

SHAME ON NVIDIA. I hope anyone reading this, will decide to get AMD instead.

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