Thursday 7 July 2016

Gaming mouse with 16400dpi and 18 buttons!

Check out the awesome MMO Gaming mouse review, this mouse is not only great for MMOs, but also works perfectly on games like Elite: Dangerous, Rainbow 6 Siege, DayZ ..etc

The 12 extra buttons are fully programmable and come in handy, for example in Rainbow Six Siege, you have gadget 1 and gadget 2 and melee, those buttons are hard to reach when in a battle, but when they're on mouse, they're really easy to click.

Works even better in Elite: Dangerous, there are lot of buttons that need to be used within battle, but moving your left hand off the WASD can cause you to lose a battle, so this mouse makes it really easy to click through the stuff you need (such as select next/previous sub-target, landing gear, cargo doors, frameshift drive ..etc ..etc).

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