Thursday 30 January 2014

Need for Speed (NFS) Rivals - WORST GAME EVER!

Yay .. NFS Rivals made by Criterion the Cretins!!!
5 minutes in the game and i got so pissed with this piece of JUNK, this is WORST NFS ever made!, probably worst game of 2014!

sooo .. well it's not a problem for drooling twats who are only interested in bashing buttons, but as a true racer, you notice right away that it ONLY supports 360 controller and it cannot be remapped! so you are STUCK with the button layout that is given to you.
UNACCEPTABLE! this game goes down the trash bin!

I'd understand only 360 controller, because microsoft probably payed them tons of money and those Cretins are money hungry fucks, so they couldn't decline, but what is the logic behind making it STUCK on default layout?!?!?!?

Now lets move on, second thing .. that intro movie is not skippable! so you have to watch that 2-3 min intro movie every fucking time you launch the game, also the tutorial is UNSKIPPABLE! what the fuck is that nonsense?!
who made this junk? and it costs 50EUR ?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
good thing i torrented this junk, because im never going to WASTE my money on this piece of junk.

ONLY good thing in this game is graphics, rest is complete crap. as usual, driving even slow, you hear tyres screetching just like you'd drive 300km/h!!!! and when you jump the car, you take no damage, but tarmac and car pieces flying EVERYWHERE, just like car blew up .. but nope, not a scratch on a car!
wow ..just wow...
it's like somebody's 5 year old kid designed this lmfao...

my suggestion, DO NOT waste your money on this piece of junk. Torrent it, see for yourself how much this game sucks and throw it into trash bin, because that's all this game is good for!

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