Sunday 10 November 2013

DDR4 RAM coming this year? (2013)

DDR4 RAM (Random Access Memory) will be available by end of 2013?

According to Crucial DDR4 will be released late 2013, which means it will come out in less than 2 months!
They said in their DDR4 promo that it will be released late 2013, so there's not much left to wait.

DDR4 performance will be pretty much like DDR3 is to DDR2, just bit better.

Also noticeable is that DDR4 will allow 16gb per module! so on a motherboard with 4 RAM slots, you can now have 64gb of RAM, this is very important for servers. On a normal computer you would never use more than 8gb of RAM.

Personally i've needed more than 8gb only when using After Effects (professional video editor), using After Effects, RAM is very important, however using any other applications + games at same time will still not require more than 8gb. so now you can have only 1 module in your pc and it is more than enough to power all of your applications. and ofcourse all the speeds are increased, however voltage is lowered from 1.5 (DDR3) to 1.2, so RAM will produce less heat!

However worst side of DDR4, is that none of the nowday motherboards support DDR4, so if you have ultimate gaming PC with expensive motherboard (like i have Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z), then it means that you have to change your whole motherboard in order to use DDR4 RAM.

Crucial DDR4 RAM

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