Friday 15 November 2013

GTA V Savegame Hacks !

I've finally got around to check into PS3 hacking, i have successfully made god mode hack in GTA V !
Check out the all awesome video before reading any more, so you know it's true :)

Now that you have seen the video, i must say it is in beta state and i'm not 100% sure if i can make this for uncracked PS3. My PS3 is jailbroken so it's easier, but if you are interested in testing, reply to this post and we give it a go, i'm sure it's possible, just need someone to test with.

Also hacks won't stop there, there's a savegame editor that allows to change default cars and also max out all skills on all characters, but i want to throw in some of my own hacks, will see how it goes.

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