Sunday 24 November 2013

Beyond: Two Souls - Mod - Black Bars Remover

Are you annoyed by those black bars in Beyond: Two Souls? Do you wish that those black bars would just go away and you would be able to play the game on a true full screen?
Well now you can! There's a mod that removes those annoying black bars and turns the game into a nice fullscreen experience, no matter where you are, during gameplay and during cutscenes, no more black bars.

Here are 2 screenshots, first from main menu and other from gameplay. By default, black bars exist in both places (black bars are there during entire game by default).

Video Demonstration / Proof

Download / Where to get

I'm not sure if it legal to upload modded game files, so i have not uploaded it onto my site, however if you're interested, leave a comment / reply or join the forum discussion HERE and i can send it to you.
This is no hoax, it's real as you can see, i just don't want to get a illegal content strike on hosting, i'm not even sure it's illegal, but ive heard stories that modded PS3 files are illegal, so better safe than sorry :)

I have tested this on version 1.01 and 1.02, works on both.


Ever since I got this game, i wondered ... why would anyone put those black bars in there in the first place? ok .. maybe to increase performance? no .. that's not it, because image/game is still there, under the black wtf?

If anyone knows answer to this .. i'd like to know, because i don't understand why would anyone trim the fullscreen and ruin the perfect game with those black bars, i just don't get it ..

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