Tuesday 26 November 2013

Games with Best Storylines ever!

Here's my list of games that have really awesome storyline. What i look in the story (in movies and games)? First of, i don't like lame stories where you can predict everything that is going ot happen, so surprise moments are really good to look for. Dramatic and Horrific moments are good to have, to make the story really interesting, but even better are mind games, where someone seems like a friend, but then isn's and then is again, so you have no idea what to expect, so called "twists" make story a lot better and ofcourse the lenght of the story is also important.
Anyway, here are the games with good storylines that i could think of from back of my head, without looking anything up.

Beyond: Two Souls

I find this game's story the best there is, game has cinematic game style, in many places camera has limited movement.
This story has it all, action, drama, surprises, science, mind games and ghosts! It's about a girl called Jodie, who was born with a "gift". She has a second soul, who's always with her as spirit. That spirit is called Aiden.
Game starts off from somewhere near the end, Jodie's mind is a mess and she is trying to piece it back together, so you will be playing thru her memories and discover what happend.
Aiden is very powerful spirit, who is capable of possessing people, moving stuff and can kill others.

Reason why i find it really good storyline, is because at first it doesn't make much sense and nothing's really revealed. Until the end, it is mystery who or what Aiden really is and whe is Aiden tied to Jodie like that, but near the end you find out the dramatic and horrific truth about Aiden.

This game really gets you into the story, when you focus on the game and pay attention to what is going on, you will often feel sad or angry because of the events that happen to the main character Jodie, in some places it just makes you feel angry and you want to destroy it all .. and in some places/episodes you are given a choice, either walk away or take it all out on the ones you hate!

Far Cry 3

First of, i haven't played Far Cry 1, however Far Cry 2 was nothing special, just another "good guy" against terrorism, well against one arms dealer actually, but Far Cry 3 is something else.

You start off by seeing a cutscene of you and your friends doing awesome stunts, parachuting, jetskiing ..etc .. and then the picture goes smaller and smaller .. until you notice it was shown to you on a smartphone .. held by a bad guy called Vaas. Then you find yourself captured in a wooden cell.
So what happend, is that you and your friend's had a party and they landed in wrong place and got cought in middle of nowhere.
You play as Jason, who has no military background or fight experience, your brother however has military background and tries to break out of the terrorist camp .. it all goes wrong, Jason's brother gets shot and dies, terrorist give Jason (player) a small head start, you end up running thru the jungle, fall, knock your head against something and pass out ... that's where the actual game begins, you find yourself in a village, helped by locals, Jason wants to get his other friends and girlfriend back from the terrorists and little revenge wouldn't hurt either.

However this story turns into something a lot cooler than just a "terrorist hunt", on the way, you find yourself exploring ancient caves and collecting artifacts, fighting spirits / dreams and becoming a true warrior.

I like this storyline, because it can sure pull you into the game, there are lot of surprise moments, where something happens that you did not expect at all.
Ending is really cool too, at first your choice seems so easy > save your girlfriend and friends and get the hell out of there! .. however while going thru all that stuff and becoming a warrior, the obvious choice becomes less obvious and you start to doubt ... is that what you really want?

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars

I think this is only strategy (commanding) game with such a good storyline, i'll make it short.
When starting the Campaign / Single Player missions, you can choose between 2 Factions: NOD and GDI.
GDI is the alliance forces, the good guys and NOD is lead by terrorist Kane.
Seems boring and usualy, good vs evil .. but not really. Game recommends you to play as GDI first, to get to know the controls, so this is what i chose (so should you). You will have epic fight against NOD and at "end" you will get access to ION cannon, one of the generals tells you to blow Kane and NOD forces to hell with ION, but others warn that he has liquid tiberium in there and it might cause a chain reaction, im not sure if you can even make the choice, but i chose to blow it up! .. i thought game over, because story was quite long already .. but then .. ALIEN INVASION!!!  that was like the coolest surprise moment ever, i never saw it coming, that was seriously awesome .. and then new battle began, against NOD and Scrin (aliens).

That's why this game is in my list, it has the best surprise moment ever.

The Last of Us

Nothing special really, it's a zombie apocalypse game. Player can't make any choices, you have to just walk thru the story as it goes. You can play as 3 different characters, Sarah, Joel and Ellie.
You start off as Sarah (Joel's daughter) in middle of the night in your house, looking for your dad, you find him rushing in from back door and tells Sarah to stay away from windows, then their neighbour jumps in thru the glass door and Joel shoots him, then Sarah and Joel try to get out of the city .. but just when they are about to make it into the safe zone, they stumble on a soldier who is given an order to SHOOT THEM! .. soldier shoots at Joel and Sarah, he ends up hitting Sarah, then Joel's friend shows up and kills the soldier, but it was already too late ... Sarah died...

That's where the story begins, most of the time you play as Joel, depressed and broken and staying away from his wife, however they get a mission, to "smuggle" Ellie out of the safe zone and deliver her to the group called "Fireflies". at first it seems weird, but soon Joel finds out that Ellie has been infected and she is immune and that she is the answer to the cure and Fireflies could potentially produce a cure if they would be able to study Ellie.
Whole story is quite dramatic and full of surprises, but end is even more dramatic, even tho player can't make the choice, Joel stands in front of two very difficult choices:
- Let fireflies kill Ellie in order to extract cure from her brain
- Or blast his way thru fireflies, kill the leader and take Ellie back

I find this story very well made and thought through nicely.

Mass Effect series (1, 2 and 3)

Whole Mass Effect series is really cool to be honest, player can make lot of decisions and story is quite long. I find that 3rd party has best story. It is too long to explain, because there are so many different alien races and locations and tons of side missions, but it's just really nice story. At end you also have 2 choices, destroy the most feared enemy or join them as their leader, but by doing so, you will lose your "human" form.

Resident Evil 4

You probably ask, what about other Resident Evil games? Well yeah, i guess Code Veronica X has good story and all the earlier RE games too, but past 4th they turn into senseless killing. I personally liked the 4th part the most, where Leon Kennedy (main character) is sent to get president's daughter back from terrorists group, but he finds a lot more than just terrorist there.
Leon has a "big mouth" and he makes some good jokes, making story even better.
I recommend playing all the Resident Evil games in order to understand it all and watch the movies too, they have generally good storylines.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

Old, old game, but it has a damn good storyline, you start off as apprentice in Jedi Academy, you are assigned to same master as your "rival" Rush (or rash or something like that), but Rush is so called "bad" guy who sees challenge in everything and tries to beat you, so by doing that, he slowly turns into the dark side and somewhere in middle you have to fight him, by that time, you (the player) are most likely pissed off on him fucking things up and you feel angry .. so once you defeat him, you are given a choice to either forgive him or cut his head off!
If you take his life, you start to turn into the dark side yourself, i don't remember exactly, but i think you were given more choices, either good or dark side, so game has 2 endings ofcourse. if you decide to turn into dark side yourself, you end up fighting your own master.

Tomb Raider 1 - 5

I've always liked Tomb Raider games ever since i played Tomb Raider 1, it had a nice story. If i would have to pick the best story out of Tomb Raider games, i think it would be either 3rd or 4th.
I think there's no need to explain, that you play as Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider :)

Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft - In this game, you chase down 4 powerful artifacts all over the world, at end you lose them to a "bad" fella who turns himself into some spider freak and you have to fight him.

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - I can't even remember the story so well, but there were some good surprise moments and at end .. Lara dies fighting the war GOD Seth, something you did not expect.

I strongly recommend playing Tomb Raider 1 - 5 .. anything after 5th part is just crap, because Lara died in 4th and 5th part (Chronicles of Lara Croft) is about her friends sitting in her mansion and reminding her adventures, you play thru those adventures. So anything after 5th is just out of story, well actually Tomb Raider 2013 (those idiots couldn't even think of a name for it) is quite ok, it explains the past of Lara Croft, how he became the Tomb Raider and how it all started, so it has ok story, but i prefer the old ones more.

Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3

I don't remember MGS 1 really, but 2nd and 3rd have quite good story, with a twist. It's nothing special, but it's way above average. Nothing special to bring out really, except the little surprise at end of MGS2, where they had no glue who they were fighting against.

I heard that Heavy Rain is also good, but haven't played it. Did i left out your favorite storyline? Leave a comment and tell us what game you think has best storyline and why.

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