Sunday 24 November 2013

True or False: Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!

Every now and then on either forums or social networking sites you will hear people say this sentence over and over. Is it really true? Or is it just an excuse of people to make themself feel better when they are forced to play at low resolution and low graphics due to some reason or the other?

First lets see who usually says it's true. Most of the times it's people who play on consoles and are arguing with PC gamers who obviously have greater graphics. I'm not saying that PC is the GLORIOUS GAMING MASTER RACE but it is obvious that PC games are far better in terms of quality. Now lets put the graphics aside and talk about gameplay. Even when a console gamer says the sentence "Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!" while comparing a console game to PC game, he does not realize that PC is superior in gameplay as well in most of the cases. On PC, you have better quality, better frame rates(better gameplay experience), choice to play with a wide range of gamepads or just the usual keyboard and mouse.

Now not all the people who say "Graphics doesn't matter at all only Gameplay matters in gaming!" are console gamers, you will find many PC gamers saying the same thing as well. I went on FB and picked up a few from comments of gaming page who said it and talked to them for a while and then figured why they say so. There's a few reason to that, one of them being that most of them were just kids or 14-18 year old's who were too lazy to work to get their dream gaming PC and they game on their $200 laptops. From the looks it seems they are just jealous gamers who WANTS to play at all high settings and graphics but refuse to do anything to get a proper gaming setup. Most of these gamers do not even care if they are playing at 10fps (which is totally unplayable), well they do care but they will always act like they don't care. One of the people I talk with said "FPS DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL IF I CAN RUN THE GAME" which is wrong in every aspect since you could be running a game but at the horrible 1-2 frame rate. Another silly thing I heard was "Playing games for graphics is like watching p0rn for the story!". Is it really? Because it's more like "Playing games at bad quality graphics is like watching p0rn where you can barely see anything".

So now can we answer the question if graphics matter or no in gaming? Yes we can and YES they do matter to some point in gaming. Obviously a game needs a good balance of story, sounds, graphics and only good graphics won't make a great game. Same goes for sounds, would you enjoy a game where the sounds so very very low and all sound effects are wrong? Would you enjoy a game more with a story as boring as watching 2 players playing chess and not making any move for hours long? Same way would you enjoy a game more if the graphics are bad or would you enjoy it more if the graphics are better? You know the answer to all of these already.

What about you? Do you think the sentence is true or false? Give your own responses in the comments below, tweet them to me @KenXyro , or send a message to the FB PAGE. I will post back here and respond to the best responses.

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