Wednesday 20 November 2013

Windows 7 Thumbnails / Image Preview not showing

Windows just keeps on surprising me, out of the blue image previews and thumbnails stopped showing. If i open windows explorer and highlight image, usually on right side it showed a preview of image and if i choose show icons (medium icons, large icons..etc), then only few show up after some time. Most of the time nothing shows up, but most of all, there is no preview on right side, which is quite important to me.

So what the heck?! i googled around and found that you should go into "organize > folder and search options > view" and unthick the "always show icons, never thumbnails"
but here's the thing, mine's already unchecked, i tried enabling it, apply, refresh, then uncheck again, apply and refresh, still nothing.
There are lot of posts about this and it seems like it works for other people.

There's another solution, where people say that you should use cleanmgr.exe and clean up the thumbnails and other junk (type cleanmgr.exe into start > run/search box and hit enter)
This didn't work for me either.
I used CCleaner to clean junk files + registry, still nothing.
Tried deleting thumbnail and icon caches too, but still thumbnails or previews.

Note - i have moved windows /temp/ folder location to another drive, but after that change, images showed fine, it happend out of nowhere, without me making any changes.

Now i'm running other tools (such as glary utilities, registry mechanic ..etc) and see if any of them helps.
If i ever find a solution to this, I'll update this post.

Update / Fix:
Out of the blue, it started working again, even tho it takes ages to show them. Maybe it's because i turned search indexing off and changed /temp/ folder location, now gay7 (win7) is confused and tries to look for some cached shit that doesn't exist. it's always the same shit with microSHITsoft, they keep doing something they think is good for you, i don't want windows to waste and eat my system resources, every time i leave my pc idle, i hear windows spinning up my HDDs for no reason, FUCKING STOP IT !!!! it pisses me off, this is why i turn everything off that is useless, but apparently gay7 doesn't like some of those things.

Anyway, i think it's the search indexing, but im not turning that crap back on, because it keeps spinning up my HDDs when pc is idle, it just keeps "indexing" forever, even if there is no new content, it keeps doing it.

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