Wednesday 4 December 2013

Fast n Furious in real life - Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) died in car crash!

No, it's not fake, famous actor Paul Walker, who is mostly known as Brian O'Conner from the Fast and Furious movies, died on 30th November in a car crash with his friend Roger Rodas who was driving his 2005 year Porsche Carrera GT. Apparently Roger lost control of his car and crashed into tree / light post in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, shortly after crash car started burning and fire got out of control. .. very unfortunate, but this is one of those rare cases where car bursts into fire due crash.
I'd like to add a personal note about super sports cars here (read it below).

Police suspects that they might have been racing / drag racing another car/s, but police was unable to find any evidence that there were any other vehicles involved. Police said that crash happend at a high speed and most likely that was the fatal factor (again, read my note about super sports cars below).

There are lot of rumors that on the scene there were lot of skidmarks and some say they were probably trying to show off, hard to say.

So what will happen to Fast and Furious 7? It seems like they have to re-write the script, i haven't done any research, but i think that they will leave Paul into Fast and Furious 7 and he dies in that part.

Here's one of the news videos of his death (video of the scene and car wreck)
Video HERE

Personal Toughts
You see world is always the same, look at the people who make movies, how they add notes and warnings, such as "DO NOT try the moves seen in movie in real life", "if you like to race, take it to your local track with proper racing equipment and always wear helmet", "All moves seen in this movie are performed by professionals and in controlled environment" ..etc .. and the very same people who act in the movies are the ones who break those rules, if you make a rule, do not make it because of others, make it for yourself! ..and then explain to others, why you made that rule.

That also proves what i already know, just because someone is famous, does not make them better than others (better driver / racer). In fact i don't think that F1 pilots are good either, they just got lucky .. i'd smoke them any time, any place, i've had lot of racing experience myself, in fact i've done lot of stupid / crazy stuff with cars myself, including street racing @ 220km/h+ in city. All it takes .. is small mistake and you end up like they did.

Note about super sports cars
Here's something i'd like to mention about super sports cars. My friend has a Ferrari F430 Spyder (2009 model) project (it was burned down when he bought it, he is restoring it), before that he had another Ferrari (not sure what model it was, 2005 something) and unfortunate thing happend to that Ferrari, namely it burned down in middle of city! He wasn't in it, he stepped out to go into shop and shortly after that it started burning so bad that it was impossible to put out the fire without firefighters, but by the time they got there, it was too late for the car.

So what i'm saying .. is that Ferrari's catch fire very easily (and i assume so do other similar cars, because they are basically copies of eachother).
and reason for that is simple, when i saw his Ferrari project (i worked on it myself for a while) i realized why they burn down so easily, fuel lines are made of rubber (or something similar) and they're very, very close to engine (parts that get really hot), so when engine gets hot and cools down ..etc .. happens what physics says is going to happen, rubber breaks when it gets hot and cools down many times, it cracks open and fuel trips straight onto hot engine and that is enough to light the fuel .. and there's your reason why such cars catch fire even out of nowhere.

All super car developers .. learn to make a fucking car ! Keep fuel lines as far from engine as possible .. well yeah at some point fuel needs to get into engine, but there are safe ways of doing it. Learn from mythbusters or something ..
They probably do it like that, to win in car's weight, they use light materials over copper or some other metals that are used in normal street cars, but is it worth it?

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