Monday 16 December 2013

Far Cry 3 Long Loading bug and Fix

This is about the bug that occurs in Far Cry 3 PC game. It's also known as "Far Cry 3 Infinite loading / long loading" where it takes 5 - 20 minutes for game to load up, while it's not actually doing anything. This is some problem with uPlay .. as far as i know.
I think that mostly it happens to people who use cracked version, however i've heard legit versions having same issue. There are lot of topics on google if you search.

Here's a fix that worked for me:
- Launch Far Cry 3 and wait until it gets stuck (10-20 seconds after launch)
- Open your task manager (alt+ctrl+del > task manager)
- Locate "WmiPrvSE.exe" and kill that process. (highlight and press DEL or right click on it and kill)
- If it re-opens itself, keep killing it, until Far Cry 3 gets past that loading bug

I've also seen some topics where people say it doesn't work, well i can't help you there, because it worked for me. I think it didn't work for them, because process re-opened itself.

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