Tuesday 29 October 2013

GRID 2 New online trainer for latest update/patch [29nov2013]

After 3 months GRID 2 finally released yet another update / patch.
.exe version is now so old trainer stopped working and i had to write a new one, so it still works and still works online :)


+3 Trainer for online and offline use, giving you 3 awesome options:
Weight - increase or decrease weight, if you increase, then it won't affect your acceleration, instead it makes cars grip a lot better, making it perfect "grip hack"
Nitros Speed Boost - simple as that, with 3 options on its own, forward boost, backwards boost and super forward boost, giving you ability to go over 700km/h and then some (i've done 1200km/h with it)
Timer Freeze - just as it says, freezes any timers you have, in checkpoint or time trial modes its very useful.

Video Demonstration:

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