Sunday 27 October 2013

ShadowPlay Preview!

nVidia's new software called ShadowPlay is scheduled to be released within 48h, however i have already got my hands on a beta version that is not even released by nVidia yet.

What is ShadowPlay?

ShadowPlay is a screenrecorder by nVidia, built into drivers! However ShadowPlay is included only in 600 and 700 series drivers.
ShadowPlay looks amazing, it's very easy to use and performs very well compared to other recorders like Fraps or Mirillis Action, however downside is that it can't seem to capture external audio input, such as microphone, so you can't add commentary live, but you can always use simple audio capture and leave audio always on. Audio streams don't take much space at all.

What really makes ShadowPlay good, is the "Shadow" mode, where it always records the gameplay and is able to save last 1 - 10 minutes of gameplay with just press of a button!
Filesizes are from 375mb (1min) to 3.8gb (10min), making it very great for recording long gaming sessions!
Filesize to Quality ratio is amazing, because recording quality is perfect HD @ 60fps, its really amazing how well ShadowPlay works!

Screenshot of nVidia's ShadowPlay

I will soon make a comparison (vs) video and compare ShadowPlay against Fraps, Dxtory and Mirillis Action (these are top 3 screen recorders).

Preview Video and Testing

Where to download?

There's no official release yet, Driver i have is R331.65. Wait 24-48h and check on nVidia's website ( They should release it very soon.

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