Wednesday 2 October 2013

Is Game of Thrones similar to Skyrim?

Is the TV Show GOT (Game of Thrones) similar to the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Are they connected or inspired from each other? We will find the answer in this post. If you saw trailers or episodes of GOT and wondered that it kinda resembles the environment and atmosphere from Skyrim then it is not just you, it really is the same. I've seen all 3 Seasons of GOT and have played Skyrim long enough to tell you the similarities between the two. 
(There might be minor spoilers below, continue if you don't mind it.)

1. The first and the foremost similarity between the two is, "Dragons". Well we can't say that they are really similar, there are many other shows or games with dragons in them and that does not make them similar. But since we are talking about all the similarities, we cannot ignore that both includes dragons and also Giants (remember the space journey in Skyrim?)

2. The names of the places / Cities / Capitals are very similar in GOT and Skyrim such as: 
Whiterun, Riverwood, Winterhold in Skyrim compared to Winterfell and Riverrun in GOT.

3. There is a war going on in both for the crown. GOT have a on-going war about who is going to take the throne of the king. A similar war is going on in Skyrim between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks about who is the true high king.

4. Magic. As many people have noticed, there is black magic in GOT and well Skyrim is full of magic ranging from spells such as healing, shotting lightning or fireballs from your hands etc. to Summoning demons to fight for you. GOT have such magic too and also to note Ned Stark in one of the episodes mentioned that thousands of years ago, magic existed in the world in abundance but then one day it suddenly disappeared.

5. Walkers. GOT have walkers who go by the name of White Walkers and similarly Skyrim have walkers who are called Draugrs. It is said in Skyrim as well as GOT that White Walkers / Draugrs have been asleep for thousands of years and have now awoken from their sleep. The reason white walkers are not sleeping anymore as said in GOT is that they sleep for thousands of years and then wake up to destroy. As for Draugrs, the reason is unknown.

Apart from these similarities, Game of Thrones and Skyrim are unique in themselves are absolutely not a copy of each other. These similaries are the one's which makes us get the similar feeling from both and thus we consider them to be connected but in actuality there is really a huge difference between the two and both are worth watching / playing. So a quick answer to,"Is Game of Thrones similar to Skyrim?" would be a YES but at the same time the answer to, "Are they connected or inspired from each other?? would be a straight up NO.

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