Tuesday 8 April 2014

How to Install & Use RoG Connect

What is RoG Connect?

RoG (Republic of Gamers) Connect is awesome system meant for gamers or for those who like to tweak their PC to the edge and even over with just push of a button and in real time, without going into BIOS and making changes in there. It's so called tech of tomorrow, even tho it's been out for a while (1-2 year/s).
as far as i'm aware, only Asus motherboards support RoG.
RoG enabled motherboards have a special RoG USB port, that can be used either as RoG port or normal USB 2.0 port.
RoG software allows you to control your PC via other PC / netbook / laptop or even Smartphone via bluetooth (not all RoG enabled motherboards support bluetooth).

What? Where? Why? OMG!

There are the questions i've had myself and seen elsewhere:
1. WHAT software i need to install? (and from where? Asus website? or RoG?)
2. WHERE do i install the software on? RoG is suppose to control my PC on hardware level, even when windows is not running, so i assume i don't need it on main pc??? so i need it on other pc / laptop / netbook?
3. WHICH steps to take in order to get it up and running.
4. is there a RoG switch on motherboard ?? (some fucking RETARDS are blabbering about RoG switch, but in reality there is BUTTON not a fucking switch, so it confused me)

How to Install, Connect and use RoG

- First you need to download RoG Software HERE 

-- Since it was very confusing for me, first choose your product, then click on "Driver & Tools" choose your OS (not important, choose win7 64-bit) and then under "Utilities" you will find the "RoG Connect" and "RoG Connect Plus". There are more than 1 version, just take the latest, i know, its CHAOS on that website, but try to find them.
- Now to get your PC and netbook (other device) ready, you need a USB cable "male to male" (provided by RoG Enabled motherboards). Connect the RoG cable (any USB male to male should work), one end into your motherboard's RoG port (usually white USB port at back of your PC) and other end into any USB port on your other PC / netbook / laptop.

- In your RoG enabled PC, boot into BIOS and find the RoG connect, i'm not 100% sure where it is, just go thru the BIOS and you'll find it, it's somewhere under advanced for me, every BIOS maybe different. It says RoG Connect Status or something to do with RoG, you can change it there, enabled, disable, normal usb or something like that, make sure it's ENABLED.
- Now at back of your PC, check that RoG button has been pressed (it's the button with 2 chain links on it, see the picture above if in doubt, where it says RoG Connect ON/OFF switch). Well its fucking confusing, because switch is something different, it's a fucking button, button is what you press, switch is what you flip from side to side .. fucking morons get your terms right. Anyway, without the rage now, press the button so that it's GREEN.

- You need to install "RoG Connect" software on your other PC / netbook, so go ahead and install it. Now you should be able to run that software on your other device and it should be able to connect fine.

- For more features and functionality you can install "RoG Connect Plus" on your PC (where your RoG Enabled motherboard is in). I can't help here, because that software crashed on my Win7 64-bit.

So conclusion is that you do not need any special software at all on your RoG enabled PC.

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