Wednesday 30 April 2014

Corsair H100 Mod - New Tubes + Coolant = Epic Hyper

About a week ago i started having heat issues with my FX8350 + Corsair H100 Cooler, so i knew something's wrong and I wanted to mod H100 to get even more out of it.

Parts needed:
- Tubes / Pipes 6ID / 8OD (Inner Diamater 6mm / Outer Diameter 8mm)
- Tube Clamps
- ThermalTake UV Coolant (UV coolant glows if UV or Neon light is shown upon it, helps detect leaks + looks cool in transparent tubes)
- Candle + Lighter - This is needed to heat up tubes, so that you can easily slide them on and once they cool, it will make a perfect seal, but make sure not to heat the tube more than your finger/hand can withstand, meaning hold your finger on top of the tube while heating it.

Process + Results:

Testing against H100 Stock:

Stock H100 + 4x 12cm Fans in Push/Pull @ 50-60% Power
FX-8350 Vishera 8-Core @ 4.1ghz
CPU Core with Corsair default Thermal Compound - 17 - 19C Idle / N/A - N/A Load
CPU Core with IC Diamond Thermal Compound - 11 - 13C Idle / 35 - 45C Load
CPU Temp (socket) with IC Diamond Thermal Compound - 33 - 35C Idle 48 - 53C Load

Sethioz H100 + 2x 12cm Fans in Push @ 1700rpm out of 2600rpm (fan speed)
FX-8350 Vishera 8-Core @ 4.1ghz
CPU Core with IC Diamond Thermal Compound - 9 - 12C Idle 30 - 35C Load
CPU Temp (socket) with IC Diamond Thermal Compound - 31 - 33C Idle 42 - 48C Load

As you can see, my mod has significantly decreased the temperatures, even with just 2 fans @ around 60% it still cools a lot better than Stock H100. So WTF Corsair? stop making shit, it took me like 3-4 hours to do this mod and about 5 minutes of planning, while you have 100+ people working on designs and stuff and you still come up with crap, which can be made better.
1. - corsair provides shitty thermal compound that sucks
2. - corsair default tubes are crappy and tiny inside
3. - there's not enough coolant in the radiator / system
4. - coolant is probably cheap crappy coolant (not sure).
5. - there was some plastic shit in the radiator pipe, WTF?!

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