Wednesday 4 February 2015

Galax GTX 980 Hall of Fame cracking WPA2 passwords!

This is a quick update about WPA2 cracking. Ones who have tried Elcomsoft tools to crack password hashes or handshakes, know that Radeon cards can pull insane speeds compared to nVidia, however GTX 900 series with their new Maxwell architecture beats Radeon in every aspect, not just brute force power, but also in gaming and power consumption.

I recently upgraded to Galax / KFA2 GTX 980 Hall of Fame edition and decided to test it out in Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor (EWSA) and i was really amazed by the speeds.

Cracking WPA2/WPA handshakes in EWSA

EVGA GTX 550Ti - 12500p/s
Asus DirectCUII GTX 680 - 35000p/s
Galax GTX 980 HoF - 215000p/s

Those are average speeds only. As you can see, 980 has some serious power compared to GTX 680. Even tho a GTX 680 SLI can beat GTX 980 in some games, even a 4-way 680 SLI can't beat a single 980 in cracking! this is truly amazing. To those who do not understand how it's possible that 980 is so much better in cracking, but not gaming. This is because 900 series uses Maxwell architecture, which is completely different from the older kepler architecture which is used in other nVidia cards below 900 series.

This is why Radeons used to be better in cracking, because they had different architecture, but Maxwell has it all! It's great in gaming, insane in cracking and power consumption is also lower than ever (980 takes less power than 680, at least that's why nVidia says, but i think in reality 980 is about same or bit more, my Galax 980 HoF takes about 240w, even tho nVidia's default 980 is listed with 165w max)
Either way, just informing everyone that 980 is a great card for gaming and cracking. Now you can have BOTH, it's 2 in 1.

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