Thursday 7 August 2014 website changes

I've changed the hosting permanently from and to a VPS service. is surely worst hosting i've ever had, ONLY good thing about them, is that they offer most stuff for the buck. They're hosting is cheap and has lot of features, but there's a saying "you get what you pay for". I think i paid 44usd per 6 months, it comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, but it's NO USE, because you can never reach those limits, their system is so badly optimized that my website kept killing their CPU and they kept on disabling my account and BLAMING me that my site is badly made and kills their CPU ... while only reason why it happend, is because they're incompetent retards who don't know what they are doing.
Even worse on, is their support, it's just FACEPALM time when you contact them, they blame EVERYTHING on you, at some point they disabled my account and said my site sends out mass spam email .. i was quite in panic and thought someone might have exploited my site, i fucking waste 5 hours on trying to figure out which part did that ... then i got reply from them "oh it was our server that had a security hole in it" .. LIKE FUCK OFF YOU FAGGOTRY FUCKS! they made me waste 5 hours of my time + disabled account .. and they didn't even offer any compensation. screw you .. and then they have some sales managers in their "tech" support .. who have no fucking idea what they are saying.
Just stay away from hosting24, they're useless. is also cheap and crap with the CPU and optimization, but their support seems very professional, they know what they are saying. They find solution fast and are specific, they also have nice live support, but they still don't know how to setup their system, so it was a no go and i had to ask for a refund. They refunded full amount, even tho i asked for refund after 12 days and i even said i don't mind if you take that 12 day money off from refund. So they're nice and understanding, but they need to do lot of work on their system.

So now i went for unmanaged VPS. It comes with chosen OS (linux), you can choose between about 10 different versions, i think all were linux.
XeroX did a quick setup for me (apache2, phpmyadmin ..etc) and then it was ready for the site.
VPS still has shared CPU and it has similar CPU to what hosting24 and namecheap use, but my linux is so well optimized that it doesn't go anywhere near the CPU limit, in fact is has only used max of 20% allowed limit and i also have TeamSpeak server running there. No problems!
So this is proof that those hostings just can't optimize their stuff. is now online and primary domain

These domains are also online - I think i will close this one, not sure. no need to have 4 domains really.

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